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Call For An End To Unethical Transplant Practices:
A Concerted Effort by the Transplant Community

Mehmet Haberal, Marcelo Cantarovich, Elmi Muller, John J. Fung, Minnie Sarwal, Stefan G. Tullius, Nancy AscherMehmet Haberal, Nancy Ascher, Marcelo Cantarovich, Elmi Muller, John J. Fung, Stefan G. Tullius, Minnie Sarwal
The Transplantation Society, Montréal, Canada

Organ transplantation has become the treatment of choice for end stage organ disease, and as outcomes of transplantation have improved, the number of patients with end-stage organ failure listed for transplantation has increased dramatically over the years.  As a result, organ shortage has become one of the greatest challenges facing the field of organ transplantation today. The unmet need for transplants has resulted in many systematic approaches to increase donor rates, but there have also been practices that have crossed the boundaries of legal and ethical acceptability.

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