2013 Basic Science Mentee/Mentor Awards

The Transplantation Society (TTS), along with the collaboration of National Societies acknowledge the contributions of basic science to the field of Transplantation. The International Basic Science Mentee-Mentor awards recognized the efforts of established basic scientists, who have advanced our understanding of transplant science/immunobiology and /or treatment of transplant recipients, and the mentorship of new young investigators who have the potential to contribute to the basic science of transplantation. The International Basic Science Mentee-Mentor award recipients for the BSM 2013 are listed below.

TTS Awards

Mentee Mentor Abstract Title
Abdelrarik, Heba, Egypt Joosten, Irma Human Platelet Lysate increases MSC proliferation on the expense of its Haematopoietic progenitor cell support
Candia, Enzo, Chile Fierro, Alberto Differential modulation of homing receptors in polyclonal human Treg generated ex vivo
Hock, Karin, Austria Wekerle, Thomas Donor CD4 T cells trigger costimulation blockade-resistant donor bone marrow rejection through bystander activation requiring interleukin 6
Oberhuber, Rupert, Austria Tullius, Stefan Intracardiac CD11c+ dendritic cells trigger the more potent IL-17 mediated immune response after transplanting older cardiac allografts
Yang, Cheng, China Yang, Bin Serum Stabilized Naked Caspase-3 siRNA Protects Auto-transplant Kidneys in a Porcine Model
Zaitsu, Masaaki, United Kingdom Wood, Kathryn Prolongation of human skin allograft survival with FR104, an antagonistic antiCD28 monovalent Fab antibody

TTS - CST Awards

Mentee Mentor Abstract Title
Borkar, Minal, Canada Tibbles, Lee Anne BK polyoma virus epigenetically regulates transcription of epithelial markers in proximal tubular cells: Model for fibrosis in BK infected transplant recipients
White, Christopher, Canada Freed, Darren H. A donor whole blood-based perfusate provides superior preservation of myocardial function during ex vivo heart perfusion

TTS - DTG Awards

Mentee Mentor Abstract Title
Sabet-Baktach, Manije, Germany Geissler, Edward K. Th2 Responses mediate Allograft Rejection in RORgammat and T-bet DoubleDeficiency in Mice

TTS - ILTS Awards

Mentee Mentor Abstract Title
Li, Chang Xian, China Man, Kwan The knockout of telomere-independent Rap1 attenuates liver graft injury by suppressing macrophage activation
Takaoka, Yuki, Taiwan Nakano, Toshiaki Autoimmunity vs. alloimmunity: its involvement in liver transplant tolerogenicity
Yoshida, Osamu, United States Thomson, Angus CD39 expression by hepatic myeloid dendritic cells attenuates their proinflammatory activity and liver transplant ischemia-reperfusion injury

TTS - ISHLT Awards

Mentee Mentor Abstract Title
Dijke, Esme, Canada West, Lori J. CD25+FOXP3+ regulatory T cells (Tregs) isolated and expanded from pediatric thymus maintain stable phenotype and function under inflammatory conditions
Guihaire, Julien, Germany Schrepfer, Sonja Over-expression of S100A4 protein is T cells-mediated in a humanized model of chronic Obliterative Airway Disease
Pilat, Nina, Austria Wekerle, Thomas Mechanisms of Treg therapy in a murine mixed chimerism model

TTS - SFT Awards

Mentee Mentor Abstract Title
Durand, Justine, France Chiffoleau, Elise Characterization of regulatory B cells in an allograft rodent model, able to transfer tolerance
Yap, Michelle, France Degauque, Nicolas An increase of highly differentiated TEMRA CD8 T cells with potent effector function in kidney transplant recipients with stable graft function revealed patients with at-risk of long-term graft function

TTS - JST Awards

Mentee Mentor Abstract Title
Abe, Tomoyuki, Japan Tanaka, Yuka The CD47-SIRP-α signaling blockade accelerates macrophage phagocytic activity against hepatocellular carcinoma even under immunosuppressive conditions
Cai, Songjie, Japan Takahara, Shiro Silencing CD40 gene to induce transplantation tolerance using a novel siRNA delivery system
Koshizuka, Yasuyuki, Japan Yamashita, Kenichiro Roles of CD40-CD40L costimulatory pathway in pancreatic islet transplantation

TTS - TSANZ Awards

Mentee Mentor Abstract Title
Fang, Doreen, Australia Dwyer, Karen Follistatin reduces serum activin and attenuates renal ischemia reperfusion injury in mice
Habib, Miriam, Australia Sharland, Alexandra Ischaemia-reperfusion injury propagates tumour growth in a mouse model of hepatocellular carcinoma