The Young Investigator Award 2010

The Young Investigator Awards are given to recipients who have submitted abstracts to the International Congress of The Transplantation Society and received the highest scores from an international panel of reviewers. The award has been made possible by the generous support of Astellas Pharma Inc.


Cheguevara Afaneh, USA

Differential regulation of positive or negative costimulatory molecules during acute rejection of human renal allografts


Russell Hodgson, Australia

Prolonged xenograft survival induced by ICOS-IG Is associated with increased Foxp3+ cells


Faisal Khan, Canada

Genomic instability after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation is frequent in oral mucosa, particularly in patients with a history of chronic graft-vs-host disease, and rare in nasal mucosa


Li Li, USA

A highly specific novel 3 gene-set can non-invasively predict operational renal allograft tolerance


Luiz Lisboa, Canada

In vivo viral microRNA profiling in a large cohort of transplant patients with CMV disease


Kate Markey, Australia

GVHD-associated immune suppression is the result of an intrinsic defect in MHC class II antigen presentation within donor DC


Susumu Shibasaki, Japan

A single infusion of the ex-vivo generated immunoregulatory dendritic cells under a novel agent, NK026680 markedly prolongs cardiac allograft survival


Kazuaki Tokodai, Japan

Interruption of a cross-talk between the complement and coagulation cascades improves early outcomes after intraportal islet transplantation


Hanna Trydzenskaya, Germany

New protocol of BKV-specific T cell analysis allows for improved assessment of phenotypic and functional characteristics of BKV-specific immunity


Laura Wozniak, USA

Validation of a transcriptional profile of tolerance in pediatric liver transplant recipients

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