2011 EODTS Meeting

Slide presentations and recordings from the 1st Education Forum have been generously made available to all EODTS members by the speakers, to be used for educational purposes.

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Slide01 The role of school education in community attitudes to organ and tissue donation Felix Cantarovich
Slide01 The organ donation and transplant related with the educational system in Argentina Alejandra Naveiro
Slide01 Education in schools on organ donation and transplantation in Brazil Clotilde Druck Garcia
Slide01 An educational curriculum on organ donation & transplantation for secondary school students William J. Wall
Slide01 Costa Rica: Education on Organ Transplantation for Schools Álvaro Meoño Monge
Slide01 Teaching about organ donations in schools in Israel Tamar Ashkenazi
Slide01 Schools education program for bone marrow transplantation in Portugal Helena Alves
Slide01 School education programs around the world: The Spanish experience Martí Manyalich
Slide01 A subject about life Håkan Hedman
Slide01 Schools Education Programme in the United Kingdom Neil Healy
Slide01 Education and Transplantation Claude Picard
Slide01 Organ & tissue donation and transplantation Sharon Young Kipp
Slide01 Working Group 1: Technologies for education: What the teacher needs  
Slide01 Working Group 2: Principles for Sharing of Resources Between Programs Globally  
Slide01 Working Group 3: Relationship Between Educational Curriculum/Health Authorities/Transplant Professionals  
Slide01 Working Group 4: Measuring Outcomes of School Based Education Programs  
Slide01 Meeting summary and designation of future tasks