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The SPLIT leadership recognized the need for real-time exchange of pediatric data in this unprecedented time. In that spirit we are partnering with IRTA to develop a listserv to help track and address both COVID 19 related queries as well as general discussions related to the care of hepatology, pre- and post-liver and intestinal transplant patients.

To date, we are aware of 4 pediatric liver transplant recipients in North America who are COVID positive; inevitably there are more. The strength of our pediatric liver and intestinal transplant community is the accessibility of its diverse and robust expertise.  We are particularly grateful to the openness and generosity of our trailblazing colleagues in New York in sharing their early experiences and management approaches with our community to-date.  We now invite you to share your experiences in recognizing and treating COVID, as we can all learn from each other.

The aims of the SPLIT/IRTA listserv are:

  • To allow for general discussion amongst partners who care for children with liver disease or liver and intestinal transplant recipients
  • To create a forum for our community as you may begin to see an influx of COVID positive transplant registrants or recipients
  • To enable discussion related to your institutional practices on: donor and recipient COVID testing, immunosuppression minimization for COVID positive patients, use of medical therapies for COVID in collaboration with our pediatric transplant infectious disease colleagues

To sign-up for the SPLIT/IRTA listserv:

If YOU ARE a member of SPLIT, IRTA, TTS or any other TTS Section, please login on the right (or below on mobile devices).

  • On the right, add your name and e-mail address to be subscribed to the SPLIT listserv
  • On the top toolbar under ‘members area’, click on ‘manage my listserv subscriptions’ to change to daily, weekly or no digest form
  • Historical e-mails can also be accessed under ‘members area’ -> ‘SPLIT list email archive’

Once you are subscribed:

To send a message to the listserv, send an e-mail directly to splitlist@tts.org using the e-mail address that you subscribed with. This e-mail will be sent to all subscribers on the listserv. This listserv is unmoderated and responses directly to splitlist@tts.org will go to the group unless the reply to e-mail is changed to the sender only. We encourage utilization of responses when appropriate to the larger group to continue to share experiences across our SPLIT community as we continue to learn from each other. 

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For all questions please contact Katie Tait, SPLIT Section Manager (katie.tait@tts.org).


  • Noelle Ebel, member of SPLIT Quality Improvement and Clinical Care Committee (QICC)
  • Steven Lobritto, SPLIT QICC Chair
    Vicky Ng, SPLIT President
  • Simon Horslen, IRTA President
  • George Mazariegos, Past-President of IRTA

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