IPTA Membership Committee

Function: The Membership Committee monitors member trends and provides assistance with membership recruitment and retention. This committee also looks to explore new member benefits and reviews and proposes revisions to the membership criteria as needed.

Chair Cozumel Pruette, Baltimore, USA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Past Chair Katherine Twombley, Charleston, USA  
Member Asiri Abeyagunawardena, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka  
Member Stephen Alexander, Westmead, Australia  
Member Stephen Gray, Birmingham, USA  
Member Nancy Halnon, Los Angeles, USA  
Member Irene Kim, Los Angeles, USA  
Member Mohammed Malekzadeh, Los Angeles, USA  
Member Rakesh Sindhi, Pittsburgh, USA  
Council Liaison Deirdre Hahn, Westmead, Australia  

2017-2019 Initiatives

  1. Develop a two-year membership drive advertising the reduced dues.
  2. Review the opportunity to have longer membership renewal periods.
  3. Question bank Initiative - Develop questions to improve the educational offering to the membership to encourage more involvement in off congress years.
  4. Improve IPTA Recognition - Collaborating with other Associations to promote IPTA –Promote IPTA membership through other Associations or their Congresses. The Committee could utilize individual members from the Committee and Council to work with their personal connections at other Society levels to promote the IPTA Congress and membership in the Association.