IPTA Publications and Communications Committee

Function: The Publications Committee is responsible for developing various printed materials for professionals, parents, and patients.

Chair Jonathan Johnson, Rochester, USA
Chair Kenneth Brayman, Charlottesville, USA
Incoming Chair Anette Melk, Hannover, Germany
Member Chesney Castleberry, Cincinnati, USA
Member Guido Filler, Canada
Member Ryan Fischer, Kansas City, USA
Member Richard Kirk, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Member Erika Pace, Birmingham, UK
Member Manuel Rodriguez-Davalos, New Haven, USA
Member Mariastella Serrano, New Orleans, USA
Council Liaison Stephen Marks, London, United Kingdom

2017-2019 Initiatives

  1. Start a Peer Mentoring Program

    The overarching goal of this initiative is to facilitate and improve the quality of publications being sent by our membership to transplant journals, especially Pediatric Transplantation.  One means of achieving this goal is to assist our membership, especially junior faculty and faculty from emerging transplant communities, in manuscript preparation. This will allow for these members to have dialogue with those experienced in the publication process prior to final submission. 
  2. Propose a Writing Workshop to be Offered at IPTA 2019

    The committee recognizes the need for increased publications to come from the organization, both from the committees themselves but also the membership.  In addition to the peer mentoring activities mentioned above, the committee proposed that a writing workshop be added to the program at IPTA 2019 in Vancouver.  This has been approved by Dr. McCulloch and the Program Committee.
  3. Assist with development of the quarterly newsletter

    Our committee was tasked with assisting the Executive Committee including Dr. Dipchand and Mary Anna Smith in creating the newsletter content as well as recruiting individuals for the newsletter.  Mary Anna in particular has been instrumental in this process.  A new section of the newsletter has now been started to allow announcements from members, including meeting announcements and employment opportunities. The literary reviews have been particularly well received.
  4. Increase Writing Output of the Committee

    We initially sought to accomplish several things in regards to writing output.  We sought to increase the number of publications coming from committee members, and increase the number of authors involved in IPTA-sponsored writing projects.  We also wanted to expand the scope of writing projects to include different types of papers, including white papers and practice recommendations.  We also hoped to work with other committees on joint projects.

    We created a submission process with direct support of the new journal editors.  The current writing proposal form is posted on our committee webpage and also the journal webpage.