IPTA Ethics Committee

Chair Michael Freeman, Hershey, USA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Past Chair Richard Trompeter, London, UK  
Member Robert Ettenger, Los Angeles, USA  
Member Aviva Goldberg, Winnipeg, Canada  
Member Rebecca Greenberg, Toronto, Canada  
Member Debra Lefkowitz, Philadelphia, USA  
Member Marilyn Moonan, Boston, USA  
Member Julia Steinke, Grand Rapids, USA  
Council Liaison Stephen Marks, London, UK  

2017-2019 Initiatives

  1. Case Reports

    Following the successful Ethics Symposium in Barcelona in which case studies were presented for live discussion the membership of the Ethics Committee and the wider IPTA membership were encouraged to submit suitable cases for regular publication in the IPTA Newsletter.

  2. IPTA Survey

    The Paediatric section of The TTS Ethics Survey “What keeps membership of TTS awake at night” was presented as a part of the Ethics Symposium in Barcelona. The proposal was that a revised paediatric specific survey should be drafted and circulated to the membership of IPTA and attendees at Barcelona 2017. This was circulated to IPTA membership and Barcelona attendees i.e. non IPTA members. Approximately 200 survey reports were returned

  3. Consensus Statement on Living Donation; A project of the TTS Ethics committee

    The TTS Ethics committee would like to produce “white paper” on selected ethical issues around living donors which have evolved since the last Vancouver/Amsterdam documents.

    The TTS Ethics Committee met in Madrid in July 2018. Following the meeting a consensus document is being prepared by Dr Peter Stock, Chair of the TTS Ethics Committee based on contributions submitted following the Madrid meeting

  4. IPTA 2019

    The Ethics Committee was approached by Aviva Goldberg, SAC member, to review current proposals for the ethics sessions for IPTA 2019. The 2019 Congress will include a plenary, State of the Art and a Workshop.