IPTA India Symposium recap

Summary International Pediatric Transplant Association India Symposium The International Pediatric Transplant Association (IPTA) organized its first symposium in India jointly with the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital on 29th October 2006 in New Delhi, India. Members of the faculty included IPTA members and council and leading personnel from the Indian transplant program.

This symposium brought together faculty members from different parts of India and Birmingham with 150 delegates from all over India. The talks focused on indications, outcomes and logistic problems in liver and kidney transplantation. The conference had interactive sessions comparing the international scenario with the Indian situation. The practicalities of implementing cadaveric donor transplantation in India was discussed. There are many challenges in India, which include very late referrals, financial constraints, donor issues, girl-child bias and limitations in uniformity of resources and infrastructure beyond major cities. In spite of these challenges, the Indian kidney and liver transplantation program has shown steady development with a growing number of transplantation and improving results.

Deirdre Kelly, Immediate past president
Anupam Sibal, IPTA Council Member IPTA 

11th December 2006