2nd IPTA Congress recap

IPTA would like to thank everyone who attended the IPTA 2nd Congress in Rio de Janeiro. The congress in April 2003 proved to be one of the most exciting meetings of the year. It was full of state of the art science presented by a large group of international transplant professionals. Over 200 abstracts from 39 different countries were presented. IPTA was proud to support travel for a number of trainees. Everyone who attended can attest to the wonderful social program put in place by the local organizers. It is with great pride that IPTA thanks the local organizers, Dr. Elias David-Neto and Dr. Lilian MP Araujo for their dedication and hard work. Again, thank you to all who attended the Rio congress for your support and contributions to this important scientific event.

This is what attendees had to say about the IPTA 2nd Congress held April 5-9, 2003 in Rio de Janeiro

  • Overall, it was a great meeting!
  • The meeting left us with great enthusiasm to continue the fight for a better development of solid organ transplantation in our country.
  • A very good update on pediatric transplantation
  • In general the congress was very good. It had the best social events I have participated in
  • Speakers were experts in their respective fields
  • I liked the balance between clinical and basic sciences and of course, the place
  • The 2nd IPTA conference was exceptional - thank you
  • Exceptional scientific data associated with a familiar spirit
  • The meeting in Rio was a good meeting and I am looking forward to the next one.
  • Very good reviews about clinical issues in transplantation (immune suppression/PTLD)
  • Liked that attendees were able to have close contact and interaction with experts. Experience restricted to pediatric transplantation.
  • It was really a cozy conference – not too many delegates so you got more of a chance to interact with other delegates. The venue was fantastic and it was excellent to have a bit of free time.
  • Good clinical interplay and discussion
  • Broad appeal to all providers caring for children with solid organ transplants
  • Very nice, pleasant and scientifically committed