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Dear colleagues and friends!

Transplantation remains as a cornerstone life-saving treatment modality for selected patients with intestinal failure and is today undoubtedly considered an integral part in the multidisciplinary management of intestinal failure.

To both celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first successful intestinal transplantation in the Nordic countries, and the establishment of our comprehensive intestinal failure unit, The Sahlgrenska Transplant Institute in collaboration with the Sahlgrenska Intestinal Failure and Transplantation Center (SIFT), is organizing a two-day symposium during the 22nd and 23rd of May 2023 in Gothenburg.

The meeting is directed at transplant professionals as well as gastroenterologists, dietitians, and other allied-health workers involved in the care of adult and pediatric patients with intestinal failure. The symposium aims to promote the collaborative effort between intestinal rehabilitation and transplantation as a safe and innovative treatment modality. Nutritional, medical, surgical and transplant therapies will be discussed as well as infrastructure and policy developments in the field.

The invited speakers are well established experts from Sweden, Argentina, Belgium, Finland and the USA. We are proud to announce that the current president of the intestinal rehabilitation and transplantation association (IRTA) Professor Gabriel Gondolesi, has accepted to participate as a speaker. We are convinced this meeting will be of interest and educational to a broad audience.

We sincerely welcome you to Gothenburg in May 2023!

Gustaf Herlenius, associate professor; and Jan Brun, MD



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