International Pancreas and Islet Transplantation Association Update

02 01

The first Congress of the newly-founded Asian Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association (APITA) took place at the end of February. This new “sister society” was founded thanks to the vision and energy of IPITA councilor, Dr. Duck-Jong Han. The steps leading to the Congress were taken in close collaboration with IPITA and the event was a huge success, not only because it attracted about 200 delegates from 14 countries, but also because of the quality of the science that was presented. Prof. Thierry Berney, IPITA President; Tom Kay, IPITA Secretary; and, Matt Cooper, IPITA Councilor, traveled there to address the Congress in plenary lectures. This was clearly a first step for IPITA in establishing closer ties and cooperation with a new society representing the field in Asia.

The 17th World Congress of IPITA is approaching fast. A wonderful meeting will take place in Lyon, France, from July 2–5. Professor Xavier Martin, Congress Chair and senior surgeon from one of the pioneering teams in pancreas transplantation, is at the helm. The Scientific Program Committee, co-chaired by Prof. Thierry Berney and Prof. Olivier Thaunat, have put together what will be a very attractive program. Plenary sessions and state-of-the-art symposia will deliver cutting edge science in sessions designed to be of equal interest to scientists, physicians and surgeons, beyond the somewhat artificial islet/pancreas divide. Invited lecturers will address topics relevant to everyday practice such as type 2 diabetes, the artificial pancreas, and organ preservation, and will also give insights on what might be the future of beta-cell replacement (genome editing, stem cell therapies, etc). Visit the congress website at for the full program and a portrait of the keynote speakers.

Thanks to the relentless energy of the IPITA Young Investigator Committee, under the leadership of Nathan Zammit and Sarah Cross, and with the instrumental help of a local group of young investigators, IPITA is very proud to offer to young investigators in the field, a program especially designed by them and for them.

Mark your calendars and plan to visit Lyon, France, for a great meeting in the typical IPITA atmosphere: to enjoy science, networking, friendship, and, last but not least, the world renowned Lyonnese gastronomy.  

02 01