International Society of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation Update

ISVCA 2019 New Delhi

Awarm welcome to the XIV Congress of the ISVCA. This is the first time that the biannual meeting of the ISVCA is being hosted in New Delhi, the capital city of India.

The main conference will be held on 30th September and 1st October 2019 at Greater Noida, New Delhi. The theme of the meeting is “Learning from the Past, Preparing for the Future". Topics covered include immunosuppression, immunomodulation, chronic rejection and complications of VCA. There are special breakout sessions on psychosocial aspects in VCA, prosthetics versus VCA, bioethical dilemmas in VCA and the ISVCA and ASRT working groups progress on defining success and failure in hand and face transplant.

The meeting will be held at the same time and venue of the 16th Conference of the Asian Society of Transplantation (CAST) []. This would be an excellent opportunity for the delegates to interact and collaborate with the pioneers of transplant sciences from Asia.

A post conference satellite symposium will be held at Kochi in the southern state of Kerala on 4th October. The meeting will focus on innovative techniques to overcome barriers in VCA and open new vistas of research.

Apart from the excellent scientific program to learn from, the conference offers the participant an excellent opportunity to visit the attractions of Delhi and Jaipur as well as the Taj Mahal in Agra. After attending the satellite symposium, don’t forget to spend few days to savour the beauty of serene backwaters of Kerala, termed “God’s own country”.

The Transplantation Society awards 5 grants of $1000 each for presenters from emerging economic countries. Please visit the website for further details and registration.