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We are very pleased to announce the next interactive, online, webinar, ‘virtual classroom’ teaching modules from the Education Committee of The Transplantation Society.

This program is designed as an advanced curriculum in Renal Transplantation to be made available to members of TTS world wide free of charge. This curriculum will be administered through online webinars from June 2015 at monthly intervals. Experts on the key topics in the field of transplantation will present the interactive webinars. The courses will be designed incorporating the new learning and teaching techniques as described in the TTS Distinguished Educator course. The target audience for this series is doctors and trainees, who have a keen interest in advancing their knowledge in renal transplantation. This will enable them to practice the state-of-the--art medicine anywhere in the world. This series will be CME accredited and those who complete the entire series will be awarded the TTS Certificate in Advanced Renal Transplantation.

Nithya Krishnan

Course Co-Director
Consultant Transplant Nephrologist
University Hospital Coventry &
Warwickshire NHS Trust
Coventry, United Kingdom

Medhat Askar

Course Co-Director
Medical Director
Allogen Laboratories
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH, United States





Lecturer in Health Ethics
Centre for Health Equity, School of Population and Global Health
University of Melbourne
Victoria, Australia
Co-chair TTS Ethics Committee
Executive Board member, Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group



Medical Director, New England Organ Bank
Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA, USA
Executive Director, Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group



Director, Histocompatibility/Pathology
Emory University Hospital
Atlanta, GA, USA


The online certificate site will be available the end of the day February 23, 2015 through April 23, 2016. After that date, the site will be removed and certificates will no longer be available.  If you need a CME certificate, you must complete the evaluation and certificate process prior to that date; otherwise you will forfeit your credit for the course.

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This webinar will provide an introduction to the ethics of organ allocation and the role that policy and procedure play in promoting equity in allocation of kidneys from deceased donors. Factors influencing recipient selection will also be considered.


Dr. Dominique Martin is a Lecturer in Health Ethics at the Centre for Health Equity. She holds a BA in Philosophy and a PhD in Applied Ethics; she has previously practiced as a medical doctor with experience in emergency medicine.

Dr. Martin is involved in research into the ethics of international travel for medical care (“medical tourism”) and the ethical issues of selling human biological materials, which was the subject of her PhD thesis. She is an Executive Board member of the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group, and co-chair of the Ethics Committee of The Transplantation Society. Dominique is particularly interested in the subject of national self-sufficiency in organ transplantation, an ethical concept and policy goal on which she has worked in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

Dr. Martin’s other research interests include end-of-life decision-making; deceased donation of organs; and the professional duties of health care providers.

Dr. Francis L. Delmonico, MD, FACS is a surgeon, clinical professor and health expert in the field of transplantation. He serves on numerous committees and is affiliated with various leading organizations and institutions. He is the Medical Director of the New England Organ Bank and Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts where he is Emeritus Director of Renal Transplantation. He is the Immediate Past-President of the Transplantation Society, an advisor to the World Health Organization in matters of organ donation and transplantation, and currently serves as executive director of the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to correctly apply key terms and concepts used in ethical evaluation of allocation policies, e.g., equity, utility, impartiality, procedural justice.
  • Understand the importance of organized allocation systems and evidence-based policies in achieving equitable outcomes from organ allocation.
  • Be familiar with some of the challenges of implementing equitable allocation policies in the context of different healthcare systems, e.g., in the absence of universal coverage for renal transplantation.
  • Understand how selection of recipients may influence outcomes of allocation policies.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 4pm Montreal time (Wednesday Feb 24, 8am Melbourne)

Accra Tue 21:00 Casablanca Tue 21:00 Kiritimati Wed 11:00 Prague Tue 22:00
Addis Ababa Wed 00:00 Chicago Tue 15:00 Kolkata Wed 02:30 Reykjavik Tue 21:00
Adelaide * Wed 07:30 Columbus Tue 16:00 Kuala Lumpur Wed 05:00 Rio de Janeiro Tue 18:00
Algiers Tue 22:00 Copenhagen Tue 22:00 Kuwait City Wed 00:00 Riyadh Wed 00:00
Almaty Wed 03:00 Dallas Tue 15:00 Kyiv Tue 23:00 Rome Tue 22:00
Amman Tue 23:00 Dar es Salaam Wed 00:00 La Paz Tue 17:00 Salt Lake City Tue 14:00
Amsterdam Tue 22:00 Darwin Wed 06:30 Lagos Tue 22:00 San Francisco Tue 13:00
Anadyr Wed 09:00 Denver Tue 14:00 Lahore Wed 02:00 San Juan Tue 17:00
Anchorage Tue 12:00 Detroit Tue 16:00 Las Vegas Tue 13:00 San Salvador Tue 15:00
Ankara Tue 23:00 Dhaka Wed 03:00 Lima Tue 16:00 Santiago Tue 18:00
Antananarivo Wed 00:00 Doha Wed 00:00 Lisbon Tue 21:00 Santo Domingo Tue 17:00
Asuncion * Tue 18:00 Dubai Wed 01:00 London Tue 21:00 São Paulo Tue 18:00
Athens Tue 23:00 Dublin Tue 21:00 Los Angeles Tue 13:00 Seattle Tue 13:00
Atlanta Tue 16:00 Edmonton Tue 14:00 Madrid Tue 22:00 Seoul Wed 06:00
Auckland * Wed 10:00 Frankfurt Tue 22:00 Managua Tue 15:00 Shanghai Wed 05:00
Baghdad Wed 00:00 Guatemala Tue 15:00 Manila Wed 05:00 Singapore Wed 05:00
Bangkok Wed 04:00 Halifax Tue 17:00 Melbourne * Wed 08:00 Sofia Tue 23:00
Barcelona Tue 22:00 Hanoi Wed 04:00 Mexico City Tue 15:00 St. John's Tue 17:30
Beijing Wed 05:00 Harare Tue 23:00 Miami Tue 16:00 Stockholm Tue 22:00
Beirut Tue 23:00 Havana Tue 16:00 Minneapolis Tue 15:00 Suva Wed 09:00
Belgrade Tue 22:00 Helsinki Tue 23:00 Minsk Wed 00:00 Sydney * Wed 08:00
Bengaluru Wed 02:30 Hong Kong Wed 05:00 Montevideo Tue 18:00 Taipei Wed 05:00
Berlin Tue 22:00 Honolulu Tue 11:00 Montreal Tue 16:00 Tallinn Tue 23:00
Bogota Tue 16:00 Houston Tue 15:00 Moscow Wed 00:00 Tashkent Wed 02:00
Boston Tue 16:00 Indianapolis Tue 16:00 Mumbai Wed 02:30 Tegucigalpa Tue 15:00
Brasilia Tue 18:00 Islamabad Wed 02:00 Nairobi Wed 00:00 Tehran Wed 00:30
Brisbane Wed 07:00 Istanbul Tue 23:00 Nassau Tue 16:00 Tokyo Wed 06:00
Brussels Tue 22:00 Jakarta Wed 04:00 New Delhi Wed 02:30 Toronto Tue 16:00
Bucharest Tue 23:00 Jerusalem Tue 23:00 New Orleans Tue 15:00 Vancouver Tue 13:00
Budapest Tue 22:00 Johannesburg Tue 23:00 New York Tue 16:00 Vienna Tue 22:00
Buenos Aires Tue 18:00 Kabul Wed 01:30 Oslo Tue 22:00 Warsaw Tue 22:00
Cairo Tue 23:00 Karachi Wed 02:00 Ottawa Tue 16:00 Washington DC Tue 16:00
Calgary Tue 14:00 Kathmandu Wed 02:45 Paris Tue 22:00 Winnipeg Tue 15:00
Canberra * Wed 08:00 Khartoum Wed 00:00 Perth Wed 05:00 Yangon Wed 03:30
Cape Town Tue 23:00 Kingston Tue 16:00 Philadelphia Tue 16:00 Zagreb Tue 22:00
Caracas Tue 16:30 Kinshasa Tue 22:00 Phoenix Tue 14:00 Zürich Tue 22:00

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (6 places).
Tue = Tuesday, February 23, 2016 (95 places).
Wed = Wednesday, February 24, 2016 (49 places).
UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 21:00:00
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.


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  • Apple supported devices: iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad with Retina display, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPod touch (4th & 5th generations)
  • Apple supported OS versions summary: iOS 6 and higher
  • Android supported devices: Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, Motorola Atrix, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4, Nexus 7 tablet
  • Android supported OS versions summary: 2.3.4 and higher

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Acknowledgement of Commercial Support

No commercial support was received for this enduring material activity.

Satisfactory Completion

Participants must complete pass the posttest with 80% or better and complete an evaluation form in order to receive a certificate of completion.  Your chosen sessions must be attended in their entirety.  Partial credit of individual sessions is not available.

Accreditation Statement

The Transplantation Society (TTS) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Credit Designation Statement

The Transplantation Society designates this enduring material activity for 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM.  Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Note for CME regarding Europeans

Mutual recognition of credits between the American Medical Association and the UEMS-European Accreditation Council for CME. See the link below for more information.

Note for CME regarding Canadians

See link below for the AMA agreement with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada regarding CME credit conversion.

Program Learning Objectives

  1. Identify, explain, analyze the key clinical and physiological concepts of kidney transplantation
  2. Be able to relate and apply the key concepts of kidney transplantation in the day-to-day clinical practice.
  3. Employ a systematic approach in responding to diverse clinical scenarios related to kidney transplantation.
  4. Formulate appropriate management plans for clinical scenarios kidney transplantation
  5. Develop and modify these skills to be able to contribute to the education and professional development of junior colleagues.

Faculty Disclosure

All faculty participating in the continuing medical education programs sponsored by The Transplantation Society are expected to disclose to the program audience any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest related to the content of their presentation(s).

We acknowledge the potential presence of limitations on information, including, but not limited to: data that represents ongoing research; interim analysis; preliminary data; unsupported opinion; or approaches to care that, while supported by some research studies, do not represent the only opinion or approach to care supported by research.

Financial Relationship Key

G-Grant/Research Support
C-Consultant/Scientific Advisor  
S-Speaker ’s Bureau
N-Nothing to disclose

Resolution Key

R1-Restricted to Best Available Evidence & ACCME content validation statement
R2-Removed/Altered Financial Relationship 
R3-Altered Control
R4-Peer Review with 2nd method of resolution

The list below includes all individuals in control of content for this CME activity

Role Last Name First Name Disclosure Resolution
Planner Askar Medhat NTD N/A
Planner Krishnan Nithya NTD N/A
Planner Colarusso Roberto NTD N/A
Speaker Martin Dominique NTD N/A
Speaker Delmonico Francis L. NTD N/A
CME Consultant Xiaong Blia NTD N/A
Planner Woodbury Darren NTD N/A

Bibliographic Sources

No advanced reading required. A list of references and further reading will be provided during the webinar.

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