ISUTx Electronic Ballot

ISUTx Electronic Ballot

2021 ISUTx Election

In accordance with the ISUTx By-Laws, ISUTx would like to announce an Election for the ISUTx Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the term October 2021 -October 2023.

It was proposed that, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and also the transition of ISUTx into a Section of The Transplantation Society, that most of the ISUTx Executive Committee be kept as is for reasons of stability.

A slate of nominees for the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for election has been approved. We now present this slate for a vote of ISUTx members.

A pool of qualified candidates has been considered, with the aim of achieving a good mix of gender and gynecologists/transplant surgeons. Geographical spread has also been considered. All suggested candidates represent centres that are active or are in the immediate process of being about to start to be active in the area of uterus transplantation. The needs of the Society, leadership capabilities, and ability to serve as ISUTx fulfills its mission and vision were also considered in the assembly of this slate.

We are privileged to present to you this slate of candidates for the ISUTx Executive Committee and Board of Directors as endorsed by the ISUTx Executive Committee and Nominating Committee, to continue or to commence terms beginning in October 2021:

Executive Committee

President - Jiri Fronek (transplant surgery), Prague, Czech Republic
Past President – Mats Brännström (gynecology), Gothenburg, Sweden
Vice President – Stefan Tullius (transplant surgery), Boston, USA
President Elect – Sara Brucker (gynecology), Tübingen, Germany
Secretary – Paige Porrett (transplant surgery), Birmingham, USA
Treasurer – Latif Nawar (gynecology), Philadelphia, USA

Board of Directors

Christiano Quintini (transplant surgery), Cleveland, USA
Wellington Andraus (transplant surgery), Sao Paulo, Brazil
Maria V. Boccio (gynecology), Rosario, Argentina
Steven Weyers (gynecology), Gent, Belgium
Jean Marc Ayoubi (gynecology), Paris, France
Iori Kisu (gynecology), Tokyo, Japan
Giuliano Testa (transplant surgery), Dallas, USA
Jana Pittman (gynecology), Sydney, Australia
Cherry Chang (gynecology), Taichung, Taiwan
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