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Dr. Ban Hock Tan
TID president

Singapore General Hospital,

President's Message

Dear TID Members,

It gives me great pleasure to pen this note to our members.

At the outset I must thank Mike Ison for his sterling leadership in the past two years. As we all know, they were difficult years for everyone. Still Mike carried on with his mission. We have a revised set of bylaws, we are now incorporated, and we have managed to roll out several educational initiatives, despite the pandemic.

You will see that our Council is truly globally representative. Thank you to all of you who made the effort to vote. I look forward to connecting with many of you in different parts of the world, and I know Council is also excited at the opportunities that lie ahead.

In the past few years, TID Council has tried hard to reach out to our Transplant partners in various parts of the world. We partnered STALYC on a few occasions. We co-badged symposia with several international organizations at their annual congresses. We did one with ISHLT, one with ICHS, and one with ISHAM-Asia (the latter two were held virtually). We have continued with our annual TID meetings – holding one in conjunction with the ISODP meeting in 2019, and another as a post-congress offering at TTS 2020. And, as most of you will know by now, we have kicked off our clinico-pathological conferences in collaboration with TID journal. We hope to continue these international collaborations. If you/your society is planning a meeting, do consider a session dedicated to TID, and do consider partnering us.

We were also among the earliest organizations to come up with a set of COVID-19 guidelines. The science has moved rapidly and we will be updating them soon. If there are aspects of TID practice requiring guidance, do let us know. Our membership includes many experienced TID practitioners from many parts of the world, and we will be happy to work with you/your local society to customize guidelines for your setting.

I look forward to a fruitful time.

Ban Hock Tan
President, TID

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