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President's Message

Welcome to the Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine Society

Dear Colleagues,

Just as we were getting started preparing an exciting program for our joint congress with IXA and IPITA in San Diego, we were hit by the second wave of COVID-19 and our face-to-face meeting had to be postponed. We were all looking forward to assembling to hear top researchers presenting state-of-the arts, new and exciting data and networking to find possible collaborators. Instead, we are doing the next best thing, hosting a virtual meeting together with IXA on September 23-25, 2021. We hope to meet again in person in 2023.

For more details regarding our Joint IXA-CTRMS Virtual Congress to be held from September 23-25, 2021 please visit the Congress website ixa-ctrms2021.org. Please note that abstract submission is now open.

For this meeting, we are minimizing the parallel sessions so that we can enable interactions and multidisciplinary discussions. We are planning to offer a heavily subsidized rate for students as it is very important for our society to recruit and include students and young investigators in our field. CTRMS offers ample opportunity for members to get involved and join a committee, organize webinars, workshops and interactive platforms. As an active member of CTRMS you can also suggest topics of particular interest that you would like featured in our official journal Organogenesis.

2021 is an election year and if you are interested in becoming an active member of the CTRMS council, please click here for upcoming details on the nomination process.

We welcome you to the CTRMS.

Ewa Ellis
President, CTRMS

The Transplant Infectious Disease Section (TID) has prepared an update and guidance on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov) for transplant ID clinicians.

CTRMS Members now have access to Cell & Regenerative Medicine related videos from TTS 2020



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