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Dr. Toshio Miki
President 2023-2025
Nihon University, Japan

CTRMS 2025

October 22-25 | Tokyo, Japan

A Message from the President

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am truly honored to be named the 16th President of CTRMS during the 30th anniversary year of the organization with a long and rich history. First and foremost, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all of the members for entrusting me with this responsibility.

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I believe the progress and development of CTRMS are essential to the advancement of medical science. From blood transfusions to pancreatic islet transplantation, hepatocyte transplantation, and regenerative medicine, Cell Transplantation has always played a vital role in the advancement of medicine. It will almost definitely do so in the future.

As the name suggests, our CTRMS will cover all areas related to cell transplantation. We are quite fortunate about this since there is so much to be gained from the studies in areas that are comparable to our expertise but not our specialization. And it is evident that collaborating with outstanding scholars outside your field is far more advantageous than competing in a confined field.

How can an academic organization like our CTRMS contribute to society? It all comes down to making connections. We connect with each other, communicate, exchange new findings, and learn novel technologies on the platform, named CTRMS.

I envision extending our connection to different regions around the globe to advance our organization globally by empowering diversity.

I also envision involving the younger generation by boosting activities. We've all admired the camaraderie of our mentors' generation, and their ability to gather and create memorable experiences with prominent figures from around the world. I aim to offer the next generation similar opportunities and help them create memories with their peers. This desire to connect, to become part of a community, is what drives our organization to expand, foster collaboration, and contribute to science.

At its core, it's about building connections. I hope that two years from now, we can meet in Tokyo and provide a gathering that spans both horizons and generations.

To make this happen, I humbly request your cooperation. Please continue to lend your unwavering support to further the development of CTRMS.

Thank you,

Dr. Toshio Miki
President, CTRMS

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