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Clarisse M Machado

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to extend a warm invitation from the Transplant Infectious Diseases section to attend the TID pre-meeting symposium, on Sunday, July 1st, during the TTS International Congress, to be held in the elegant and dynamic Madrid from June 30 to July 5, 2018.

The full day meeting will include lectures, pro&con sessions, and discussion of challenging clinical cases by 18 physician experts from various continents, covering the following topics: donor-derived infection and organ vigilance around the world, controversies in transplant infectious diseases, threatening infections post-transplant, top papers in TID, among others.

The conference is aimed primarily at transplant clinicians with the expertise in infections and is intended to promote research and education in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of the infectious disease problems of the transplant recipient.

Our annual TID meeting always provides an excellent opportunity for colleagues to meet and for strangers to become friends. I look forward to a wonderful symposium and seeing you in Madrid!

Clarisse M Machado sig

Clarisse M. Machado, MD, PhD
President of TID

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