Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the 2019 SPLIT Annual Meeting in Houston a tremendous success!

This was the first Annual Meeting since SPLIT became an official TTS section, and we are delighted to share with you that the attendance was a record number of 244! Thanks to you all!

Special thanks to the SPLIT Education committee chaired ably by Dr. Saeed Mohammad and Dana Mannino, who worked closely with the Houston local team led by Melissa Nugent, Diesa Samp, Dr. Dan Leung, and Julie Economides. This collaboration led to a stellar program comprised of topics including ICU management, hepatoblastoma, organ allocation, and challenging cases. The Meeting also provided us with multiple opportunities to network with like-minded passionate colleagues collectively focused on optimizing the outcomes of pediatric patients requiring life-saving liver transplantation.

We are also very happy to share with you that for the first time, the recorded scientific sessions from the Annual Meeting are now available to SPLIT Section members and Annual Meeting attendees. We continue to look forward to sharing new SPLIT initiatives and activities with you via the TTS triannual member newsletter. The next edition will be available to members in Spring 2020.

Looking forward to your collaboration and participation as we celebrate SPLIT’s 25th Anniversary in Pittsburgh, PA on October 1st-2nd 2020!


  • 244 registered attendees (SPLIT Attendance Record!)
  • 33 invited speakers from 13 DiVERSE programs
  • 36 submitted abstracts
  • 14 SPLIT Travel Awardees from 13 SPLIT sites
  • Great turnout and participation from our Patients and Families Engaged Partners!

SPLIT Council

(from left to right) Vicky Ng, Dana Mannino, Jen Lau, George Mazariegos, Simon Horslen (back), Pamela Valentino (front), Jennifer White, Riccardo Superina (back), Evelyn Hsu (front), Jeff Mitchell - Emmes(back), Steven Lobritto (front), Ravinder Anand – Emmes (back), Sue Rhee (front), Beau Kelly (back), Saeed Mohammad (back), Julie Economides (front), Susan Feist (back), Katie Tait – TTS (front).

SPLIT Travel Award Winners

(from left to right) Blossom Dharmaraj, Taisa Kohut, Batul Kaj-Carbaidwala, Lidija Palezac, Alexis Gumm, Susan Feist, Arpit Amin, Anna Banc Husu, Kevin Le, Sharad Wadhwani, Noelle



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