SPLIT Registry

The SPLIT Registry is the cornerstone of the SPLIT research network which has been prospectively collecting data and gaining new knowledge about children who have received a liver transplant since 1995. The SPLIT Registry exists to facilitate the development of targeted clinical research studies including quality improvement/comparative effectiveness studies and clinical trials.

There are currently 50 transplant centers participating in the SPLIT registry with over 6,800 children enrolled to date. These SPLIT Sites have access to data summary reports and a user-generated comparative analytics tool, benchmarking a transplant center's outcomes against all other centers for specific variables. Investigators at SPLIT sites are also able to lead and conduct clinical studies using the SPLIT Registry data that can promote subsequent pilot grant funding and shape standards of care in pediatric liver transplantation.

The SPLIT Registry Operations Committee (ROC) in collaboration with the Emmes Corporation (the data collection center), is working to optimize data quality and completeness within the framework of our existing database while expanding the opportunities for clinical initiatives by partnering with other national data registries.

To join the SPLIT Registry, can contact our partners at the Emmes Corporation or SPLIT ROC Chairs.



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