TTS and ITNS presented a Pre-Congress Workshop at The Transplantation Society (TTS) World Congress in July 2018 in Madrid, Spain. This one-day symposium titled “Transplantation Nursing 101” was designed for nurses, transplant coordinators, and members of allied health groups to become familiar with and update their knowledge about the principles of organ transplantation. Topics covered in the presentation included transplant immunology, different aspects and new developments on heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, liver, and intestinal transplantation, infectious disease, and comprehensive care of transplant patients.

Caner Süsal, Germany
Solid organ transplant immunology: Basic immunology core

Sukru H. Emre, United States
Solid organ transplant immunology: Clinical immunology core

Gabriel E. Gondolesi, Argentina
Intestinal transplant core and patient care

Peter I. Abrams, United States
Kidney/pancreas core

Peter G. Stock, United States
Specific issues in kidney/pancreas transplant

AnneMarie Liapakis, United States
Liver transplantation: Medical

Sukru H. Emre, United States
Liver transplantation: Surgical

Joyce Trompeta, United States
Comprehensive care of the transplant patient

Christopher Wigfield, United States
Specific issues in lung transplant



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