Anesthesia and Critical Care
John Klinck, United Kingdom Acting Chair
Claus Niemann, United States  
Boon-Hun Yong, Hong Kong
Stephen Beed, Canada
Marti Manyalich, Spain
Congress Selection Committee
Mehmet Haberal, Turkey (President) Chair
Nancy Ascher, United States (Immediate Past-President)
Elmi Muller, South Africa (Vice President)
Stefan Tullius, United States (Senior Treasurer)
Minnie Sarwal, United States (Treasurer)
Mustafa Al-Mousawi, Kuwait (Council Member Representing Middle East and Africa)
Nancy Ascher, United States Chair
KS Suh, Korea
Vasant Sumethkul, Thailand
Josep Grinyo, Spain
Mehmet Haberal, Turkey
Megan Sykes, United States Chair
Shiro Takahara, Japan
Dirk L. Kuypers, Belgium
Nancy L. Ascher, United States
Philip J. O’Connell, Australia
Medhat Askar, United States Co-Chair
Marcelo Cantarovich, Canada Co-Chair
Enver Akalin, United States
Abdullah Ahmed Al Sayyari, Saudi Arabia
Manuel Rodriguez Davalos, United States
Karen Dwyer, Australia
Hatem Amer, United States
James Gilbert, United Kingdom
Gabriel Gondolesi, Argentina
Shannon Grappe, USA
Maria Kaisar, United Kingdom
Nithya Santana Krishnan, United Kingdom
Kaori Kuramitsu, Japan
Annmarie Liapakis, United States
Jessica Liliana Pinto, Colombia
Valaria Mas, United States
Marwan Masri, Canada/Labanon
Sreelatha Melemadathil, India
Fatima Oeyen, Uruguay
Binnaz Handan Özdemir, Turkey
Marlies Reinders, Netherlands
Manisha Sahay, India
Milagros Samaniego, United States
Pablo Uva, Argentina
Nam-Joon Yi, Korea
Peter Stock, United States Co-Chair
Rudolf Garcia-Gallont, Guatemala Co-Chair
Beatriz Domínguez-Gil, Spain
Kristof Van Assche, Belgium
Riadh Fadhil, Qatar
Michael Freeman, United States
Elizabeth A. Pomfret, United States
Ian Dittmer, New Zealand
Adibul Rizvi, Pakistan
Adisorn Lumpaopong, Thailand
Patrizia Burra, Italy
Denise Morin, United States
Alejandro Niño-Murcia, Colombia
Elmi Muller, South Africa
Ifeoma Ulasi, Nigeria
Steve Chadban, Australia
Nancy Ascher, United States Chair
Philip J O'Connell, Australia
Elmi Muller, South Africa
John Fung, United States
Stefan Tullius, United States
Raja Kandaswamy, United States
Jean-Pierre Mongeau, Canada
Heart and Lung
Peter MacDonald, Australia Co-Chair
Tobias Deuse, United States
Shaf Keshavjee, Canada
Christian Benden, Switzerland
Peter Hopkins, Australia
Kumud Dhital, Australia Co-Chair
Medawar Prize
Nancy Ascher, United States Chair
Jongwon Ha, Korea Chair
Kimberly Young, Canada
Ron Shapiro, United States
Kenneth Woodside, United States
Regional Relations
Africa Relations Committee
Elmi Muller, South Africa Chair
Mustafa Al-Mousawi, Kuwait
John Fung, United States
Gamal Saadi, Egypt
Ifeoma Ulasi, Nigeria
China Relations Committee
Nancy Ascher, United States  Chair
Marcelo Cantarovich, Canada
John Fung, United States
Peter Stock, United States
Stefan Tullius, United States 
India Relations Committee
Marcelo Cantarovich, Canada Chair
Nancy Ascher, United States 
Francis Delmonico, United States
Minnie Sarwal, United States
Peter Stock, United States
Section Presidents Liaison
Mehmet Haberal, Turkey Chair, TTS President
Robert Fisher, USA CTRMS President
Thierry Berney, Switzerland IPITA President
Anne Dipchand, Canada IPTA President
George Mazariegos, USA IRTA President
Susan Gunderson, USA ISODP President
Emmanuel Morelon, France ISVCA President
Leo Bühler, Switzerland IXA President
Clarisse Machado, Brazil TID President
Transplantation Science
Shane Grey, Australia Chair
Fadi Issa, United Kingdom Co-Chair
Karen Dwyer, Australia (2015-2019)
Hiroto Egawa, Japan (2015-2019)
Megan Levings, Canada (2015-2019)
Giovanna Lombardi, United Kingdom (2015-2019)
Jonathan Maltzman, USA (2017-2021)
Nancy Kwan Man, Hong Kong (2015-2019)
Minnie Sarwal, USA (2017-2021)
Birgit Sawitzki, Germany (2017-2021)
Qizhi Tang, USA (2015-2019)
Ondrej Viklicky, Czech Republic (2015-2019)
Thomas Wekerle, Austria (2017-2021)
Women in Transplantation Steering

As the number of women transplant professionals increases exponentially, there is an ever increasing need for today’s women to provide support and guidance to future generations of transplant professionals. This TTS initiative looks to create and cultivate the relationships necessary to enable today’s women to reach their full potential in the field of transplantation.

The WIT initiative had their own website. Visit for more details.

Women in Transplantation Steering Committee

Roslyn Mannon, United States Co-Chair
Lori West, Canada Co-Chair
Christine Falk, Germany
Curie Ahn, Korea
Eyman Thabet, UAE
Lalitha Raghuram, India
Lígia Pierotti, Brazil
Megan Sykes, United States
Kathryn J. Wood, United Kingdom Founder
Young Members
Fadi Issa, United Kingdom Co-Chair
Jayme Locke, United States Co-Chair


Ala Ali, Iraq
Hillary Braun, United States
Shruti Dave, India
Yoishi Kakuta, Japan
Malcolm MacConmara, United States
Margaux Mustian, United States
Shailesh Raval, United States
Shafali Sandal, Canada
Deirdre Sawinski, United States
Ismail Sert, Turkey
Steven Wisel, United States



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