Sir Roy Calne

Medawar Prize Laureate (1992)

The Medawar Prize - 1992

Sir Roy Calne was awarded the Medawar Prize in 1992 for his groundbreaking work in organ transplantation and the improvement of immunosuppression techniques.

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Organ Transplant Pioneer Talks About Risks and Rewards

Claudia Dreifus
The New York Times, November 26, 2012
Sir Roy Calne is a pioneer of organ transplants — the surgeon who in the 1950s found ways to stop the human immune system from rejecting implanted hearts, livers and kidneys. In 1968 he performed Europe’s first liver transplant, and in 1987 the world’s first transplant of a liver, heart and lung.

Profile: Artist with the knife: Sir Roy Calne - Laurence Marks on the transplant surgeon who fears the birth-rate could be the death of us

Laurence Marks
Independent, Sunday 18 September 2011
A regilious painting entitled Fruit of Knowledge hangs in the Science Museum in London. It depicts the serpent offering the apple to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Since the artist is the professor of surgery at Cambridge it is, naturally, an x-ray apple.

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