Training the Teams: The Coordinator Development Program

a joint project of ISODP and TTS

Dear colleagues,

The Transplantation Society and the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement is committed to enhancing both living and deceased organ donation throughout the world. A well understood and vital component of increasing donation is the development of evidence-based, standardized practices and focused training opportunities for donation specialist teams. As a follow up to successful workshops that have been held in Saudi Arabia and China, we would like to continue focusing on supporting the creation of high performing programs.

This year, the ISODP/TTS Coordinator Development Program is seeking applications from sites that wish to host an innovative workshop to further advance program practices and to provide expert led professional education for their community.

The International Society for Donation and Procurement (ISODP) and The Transplantation Society (TTS) will work with local program organizers that are awarded the grant in the following ways:

  1. To develop the workshop program and design
  2. Sponsor world leaders to present and participate in the workshop
  3. Provide ongoing mentorship and follow up with the site included in the grant

Each Program Grant can be up to $50,000 USD

A Deceased Donor Program, Living Donor Program or Critical Care Program can apply for the scholarship and must demonstrate their ability to secure organizational support to host this training opportunity.

Please note:At this time, applications will not be accepted from North American organizations.

The Director of the program applying for the grant must:

  1. Identify the workshop goals and how this event will contribute to an increased knowledge of organ donation. What experience or future plans will complement the donation community by hosting this event?
  2. Provide a proposed curriculum that addresses the needs of their program and/or region.
  3. Provide an outline of funds that are available to support the development of the workshop.
  4. Successful applications must provide a final evaluation of the program/event in a report to ISODP.

Curriculum will be expected to include at least the following core content objectives:

  1. Understanding the evaluation of the physical requirements for safe living donation, through implementation of the Amsterdam Forum consensus document;
  2. Understanding the evaluation of psychological suitability for living organ donation;
  3. Understanding the relevant legal framework for living organ donation;
  4. Understanding the needs of living organ donors and the best practice for post-operative follow up;
  5. Understanding of the neurologic assessment of death, including the pathophysiology and a determination of brain death;
  6. Understanding and communicating in the circumstance of family grief;
  7. Understanding and utilizing appropriate communication of the brain death diagnosis to family members;
  8. Understanding the concept and procedure of donation after cardiac death;
  9. Applying legal framework of organ and tissue donation within the country;
  10. Evaluating potential donor suitability for organ transplantation;
  11. Conducting a thorough interview of family to document donor medical and social history;
  12. Understanding the legal and ethical aspects of informed consent;
  13. Understanding the role of the organ donation coordinator in the operating room recovery;
  14. Understanding organ preservation and allocation.

Application Considerations:

  1. Applicants must develop their own proposals and must be unique to your program in order to be considered by the Selection Committee.
  2. ISODP will help programs with a maximum grant of $50,000 USD to the organizer for each event. The grants funds should be used to partially finance the event; local organizers will be responsible for any additional costs above and beyond the grant amount.
  3. Part of the grant will be dedicated to finance International ISODP speakers (1 – 5).
  4. The Selection Committee will vet the applications using a scoring system that will include consideration for the following:
    1. International participation
    2. Possibilities to increase and develop donation in the region
    3. Local Agency or Society support
    4. Clear goals and objectives of the meeting align with the donation and transplant process including: Deceased Donation, Family consent, ICU implication, Tissue Donation, Preservation techniques

The application period has now closed.

If you have any questions about the program or application requirements please contact


Kimberly S. Young
ISODP Past President & Workshop Chair

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