2021 IRTA Nominations Now Open!

Deadline - January 30, 2021

In accordance with the IRTA bylaws, we are requesting nominations for the biennial election. Nominations are sought for President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Councilors and Ad Hoc AHP representative.

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Nominations are sought for President-Elect (to serve 2021-2023, followed by President from 2023- 2025), Secretary-Treasurer (to serve from 2021-2025) and for 3 councilors (to serve from 2021-2025), 1 ad hoc AHP representative (to serve 2021-2025)

Description of President-Elect. The President-Elect shall have and exercise such powers and shall perform such duties as from time to time may be conferred upon or assigned to him/her by the Council, or as may be delegated to him/her by the President.  All nominees for President-Elect should have served at least one full term (four years) on the Council prior to their nomination for President-Elect.

Description of Secretary-Treasurer.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Council.  He/she shall see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of law and these bylaws.  He/she shall keep the membership records of the Association and shall make and keep lists of the membership of committees of the Council and the Association, which lists he/she shall make available on request to the Members.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall have charge and be responsible for all funds, securities, receipts and authorized disbursements of the Association, and shall deposit, or cause to be deposited, in the name of the Association, all Monies or other valuable effects in such banks, trust companies or other depositories as shall, from time to time, be selected by the Council.  He/she shall render to the President and to the Council, whenever requested, an account of the financial condition of the Association; and shall in any event report annually to the Council and shall submit financial statements certified by independent public accountants chosen by the Council to the Council and Members at each regular meeting of Members.  In general, he/she shall perform all duties incident to the offices of a secretary and a treasurer of a corporation, and such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to him/her by the Council.

Council Expectations: Regular meetings of the Council are usually held quarterly and are usually planned well in advance. In general, it is anticipated that the Council will have at least one face-to-face meeting and a minimum of three conference calls per year. Regular attendance is expected whenever possible. Special meetings of the Council may be held at any time or place upon the call of the President or of any four Council members. Committee involvement is also encouraged. Meetings may be held at any time and place without notice if all members of the Council are present or if those not present shall, before or after the meeting, waive notice thereof. The Council may meet by conference telephone or similar communications equipment.

Description of Ad-Hoc Allied Health Professional. The Ad-Hoc AHP representative shall serve a four-year term and shall attend all Council meetings and will be eligible to vote on all Council decisions.

We encourage nominations from underrepresented groups and regions such as Asia, Europe, Oceania and Latin America.

To be eligible for election, the candidate must be a Full Member, in good standing of the IRTA at the time of their nomination and during their term of office.

A person shall be nominated if his/her name is submitted with a written signature or email of support from at least 2 voting Members in good standing, along with a five-line summary (100 words) of the nominee’s curriculum vitae and the nominee’s acceptance to stand for election.

Nominations can be submitted online only and must be submitted no later than January 30, 2021.  Elections will take place in February, 2021


Jonathan Hind
IRTA Secretary-Treasurer

CIRTA 2021 - Abstract Submission is now open

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