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Plenary: Metabolic Nutrition and Regenerative Medicine

18.3 - Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition; Implications for Cell Transplantations and Regenerative Medicine

Presenter: Camillo, Ricordi, Miami, United States
Authors: Camillo Ricordi

It is becoming evident that inflammation plays an important role not only in obesity, diabetes and other chronic degenerative conditions, but also in immune-mediated events that could condition long term graft survival, autoimmunity and tolerance induction strategies.   The understanding of the molecular mechanisms behind the control of the inflammatory process is only beginning to be understood, but natural components of the diet can affect molecular targets and modulate inflammatory responses with important implications for providing an attractive and cost-effective alternative to more traditional pharmacologic interventions.  This presentation will outline linkages between diet, hormones and genetic factors affecting inflammation, and how nutrition could play a role for preventing chronic low–level inflammation and subsequent immune-mediated events that could condition the success of cellular terapies and regenerative medicine clinical applications.


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