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Clinical Islet Allo-transplantation 1

6.8 - Intraomental Non-purified islet transplantation isolated from DCD donor pancreas

Presenter: SW, Wang, tianjin, People's Republic of China
Authors: Shusen Wang, Guanghui Pei, Yaojuan Liu, Jinshan Wang, Zhiping Wang, Boya Zhang, Yan Xie, Zhongyang Shen

Intraomental Non-purified islet transplantation isolated from DCD donor pancreas

S. Wang1, G. Pei1, Y. Liu1, J. Wang1, Z. Wang1, B. Zhang1, Y. Xie1, Z. Shen1.

1Transplant center, Tianjin First Center Hospital, Tianjin ,China,

Objective: We have proved that omentum was a more efficient site to perform non-purified islet transplantation with more safety in Beagle dog islet auto-transplantation model. In this study, we have investigated the outcome of intraomental non-purified islet transplantation.
Methods: 2 patients with type 1 diabetes were transplanted with non-purified islet isolated from DCD donor pancreas by laparoscopic approach and resorbable plasma-thrombin was used as the biologic scaffold in this procedure.
Results: These two patients required about 50 IU exogenous insulin with fasting C-peptide <0.01 ng/mL pre-transplantation. Non-purified islet isolate from DCD donor pancreases as describe in table 1, both patient's insulin requirement was decreased to 20-30 IU/day, and the level of fasting C-peptide was increase to 0.37 and 0.62 ng/ml respectively 3 weeks post transplantation, HbA1c level was decteased from 6.9% to 5.7% and 8.1% to 7.1% respectively 2 month after islet transplantation. There were no complications occured in these two recipients after the islet transplant procedure.
Conclusion: The procedure of laparoscopic intraomental islet transplantation is a safe and effective technique route for clinical islet transplantation, using non-purified islet in this procedure could improve the successful rate of DCD donor islet isolation for clinical transplantation.

  Islet quantity (IEQ) Viablity (%) GSI Tissue volume (ml)
Donor 1 410017 95 5.947 15
Donor 2 901488 95 1.832 20

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