2020 - TTS-IRTA Allied Health Providers Webinar Series: Updates in Patient Care

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Intestinal Failure And Transplant: Updates In Patient Care

11.1 - Intestinal Failure And Transplant: Care Strategies for Optimal Outcomes

Presenter: Christina, Belza, Toronto, ON, Canada
Authors: Shannon Russell, Cate Fraser-Irwin, Louise Woolner

TTS-IRTA AHP Webinar - Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - 3:00PM EST (Montreal time)




The Allied Health Provider Committee of IRTA is pleased to present this webinar as part of the Allied Health Provider Speaker Series. This webinar will focus on patient care strategies and outcomes within intestinal rehabilitation and transplant. The topics presented will provide updates focusing on the use of blenderized feedings and teduglutide and psychosocial issues related to burden of care and financial stressors. Each presentation will be 15 minutes in length followed by a 5-minute question period.

Christina Belza, PhD(c), MN, BScN

Nurse Practitioner
The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)
Transplant and Regenerative Medicine Centre
Group for Improvement of Intestinal Function and Treatment (GIFT)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Shannon Russell, MS, RDN, LD

Pediatric Small Bowel Transplant Coordinator
Medstar Georgetown Transplant Institute 
Washington DC

Presentation: Blenderized tube feedings and teduglutide in short bowel syndrome: A case study

Cate Fraser-Irwin, RN (PG Cert) 

Clinical Nurse Specialist/Service coordinator
Paediatric Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation 
Clinical Pathway and Outcomes Developer, Starship Child Health 
Starship Hospital
Auckland, New Zealand

Presentation: Burden of Care of Children with Intestinal Failure after Establishing Enteral Autonomy 

Louise Woolner, RN, BSc

Small Bowel/Multivisceral Transplant Specialist Nurse 
Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust
Addenbrookes Hospital
Cambridge, UK

Presentation: Financial Hardship Faced by Our Patients and Their Families:  The Road to Recovery

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