Marcelo Cantarovich

TTS President

Designed to meet the needs of the global transplantation community

The challenge of making advances in knowledge when restrictions on in-person meetings remain has motivated us to develop a new event format designed to use the unique characteristics of digital education to meet the needs of our global members.

Here are our goals for TTS Masterclass Series:

  • To meet the different medical education needs and priorities of TTS members around the globe
  • To focus on the real, pressing topics identified by transplant community experts, with specific attention to regional needs in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas
  • To leverage the benefits of online learning and condense the content into impactful, interactive formats featuring shorter, sharply-structured talks
  • To boost opportunities for personalised learning based on individual interests and knowledge gaps

The TTS Masterclass Series have been designed with the needs of our members and transplant colleagues around the world at the core of our plans. We hope you will actively participate and benefit from the learning and interaction with our incredible lineup of speakers. See you online!

Available videos

Outcome Reporting

  • September 1 - How to evaluate gender disparity in organ transplantation using outcome report (Asia)
  • August 30 - Transplant data collection and harmonization; how to improve it? (Latin America)
  • August 25 - Outcome reporting for donation and transplantation: Minimum standards from the TTS Data Harmonization Group. Building from what's in place (Africa)
  • August 23 - Organized transplant data collection and harmonization: where are we now and what is on the horizon (North America)
  • August 20 - Transplant outcome reporting (Middle East)
  • August 18 - Harmonizing outcome reporting across Europe and beyond. Is it worth the effort? (Europe)

Transplant Immunology

  • August 16 - Advances in kidney exchange and desensitization: a new paradigm of incompatibility (North America)
  • August 13 - Looking to the future: Immune regulation not suppression (Europe)
  • August 10 - Understanding immune tolerance in solid organ transplantation (Oceania)
  • August 9 - New ways to increase access to transplant - what is feasible? (Latin America)
  • August 6 - Why do ABO incompatible kidney transplants accommodate better than HLA incompatible kidney transplants – review of immunological mechanisms (Asia )
  • August 4 - HLA matching in living related transplant is it justified? (Middle East )
  • August 2 - Kidney exchange and Desensitization in Kidney Transplantation - What's new and where should my efforts be focused? (Africa)

Organ Donation

  • July 30 - Racial disparities in living and deceased organ donation and how we might start to mitigate them (North America)
  • July 28 - Will machine perfusion break down geographical barriers? (Europe)
  • July 26 - Living and deceased liver transplant (Middle East)
  • July 23 - Dealing with the sensitized patient on the waiting list (Latin America)
  • July 21 - Building a living donor liver transplant program in Africa - Can it drive deceased donation? (Africa)
  • July 18 - Deceased donor allocation and equity in access to transplantation (Oceania)
  • July 16 - On the way to self-sufficiency: Improving living and deceased organ donation in developing world (Asia)


  • July 14 -Personalized immunosuppression and minimization: where are we now and what is on the horizon (North America)
  • July 12 -Detection of rejection and fine-tuning immunosuppression (Europe)
  • July 9 - Long-term complications after transplant: diabetes and cancer (Oceania)
  • July 5 - One dose does not fit for all : Is immunosuppressive dosing different in Asian populations ? (Asia)
  • July 7 - Immunosuppression minimization: what is safe? (Latin America)
  • July 1 - Immunosuppressive therapy (Middle East)
  • June 30 - Immunosuppression when CMV is a problem (Africa)

Infection Series

  • June 28 - COVID-19: treatment, immune response, and vaccine response (North America)
  • June 25 - Infection in transplantation: What have we learned in 2020? (Europe)
  • June 23 - Clinical updates on BK polyomavirus in kidney transplantation (Oceania)
  • June 21 - Prophylaxis for infection in transplantation- how are we doing? (Latin America)
  • June 18 - Impact of COVID-19 on transplantation and learning for future (Asia)
  • June 16 - HCV infection in Liver and kidney transplant (Middle East)
  • June 14 - Hot topics in transplant ID - HIV and Tuberculosis (Africa)



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