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The mission of the IPITA Education Committee is to increase access of educational material pertinent to all forms of beta cell replacement to the general public and to providers, operators and researchers in the field of diabetes mellitus to increase awareness of the field and train the next generation of beta cell replacement operators and providers. The term beta cell replacement encompasses the fields of whole pancreas transplantation, islet transplantation and of regenerative medicine-based technologies aiming at identifying new and potentially inexhaustible sources of transplantable islets and methods to improve cell survival and reduce or eliminate the need for chronic immunosuppression.

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  • Chair
    Giuseppe Orlando, USA
  • Members
    Amish Asthana, USA
    Jonathan Fridell, USA
    Angelika Gruessner, USA
    Sandrine Lablanche, France
    Leticia Labriola, Brazil
    Barbara Ludwig, Germany
    Paola Maffi, Italy
    Cristina Nostro, Canada
    Steven Paraskevas, Canada
    Alice Tomei, USA
    Fabio Vistoli, Italy



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+1-514-874-1717 x216


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