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The mission of the IPITA Education Committee is to increase access of educational material pertinent to all forms of beta cell replacement to the general public and to providers, operators and researchers in the field of diabetes mellitus to increase awareness of the field and train the next generation of beta cell replacement operators and providers.

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March 16 Webinar

"Joining Forces to Shape Our Mutual Future" Speakers: Dr. Giuseppe Orlando "The AST-TERMIS Effort: How we got here and why" and Dr. Stephen Badylak "Clinical Application and Translation of ECM-Based Biologic Scaffolds for Functional Tissue and Organ Replacement"

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Highlighted Video
Options for Patients with Diabetes: The Basics - by Silke Niederhaus

February 15, 2021

Stem Cell Derived Beta Cells Summit

November 3, 2020

Thank you to every one of our attendees, and partners who made this congress a success. A huge thank you to our Speakers for providing exceptional presentations A total of 247 registered attendees from 26 countries attended.

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Pancreas/Islet related videos from TTS 2020

September 17, 2020

IPITA 2019 - Lyon, France

July 2019, 2020



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