Senior Advisory Committee

The Senior Advisory Committee (to be known as SAC) will be composed of Full or Emeritus members of IPITA or other well regarded and influential scientists and practitioners who have contributed or had a significant impact on the pancreas and islet transplant community. Each member of SAC will be invited by the current Council of IPITA to join the committee for a term as defined by the Council.
Senior Advisory Committee Members:
  • Bernard Hering, United States
    (Committee Chair)
  • Ray Rajotte, Canada
  • Rodolfo Alejandro, United States
  • Stephen Bartlett, United States
  • Raimund Margreiter, Austria
  • Ali Naji, United States
  • David Scharp, United States
  • Hans Sollinger, United States
  • David Sutherland, United States
Responsibilities of the Committee

  • To serve strictly as an advisory committee to the IPITA Council

  • To assist with the areas of development listed below:
    • Membership
      Provide recommendations to the Council on strategies to further develop their membership (e.g. help develop ideas for providing value-added incentives for clinicians and scientists to become members)

    • Sponsorship
      1. Provide contacts and liaisons within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
      2. Provide recommendations and support in identifying alternate sources of funding for IPITA initiatives.
      3. Possible presence for sponsorship negotiations.
      4. Act as “celebrity power” to negotiate additional funding for new activities.

    • Advocacy
      1. Provide wisdom and guidance to IPITA Council in support of developing strategies for advancing public health policies that are relevant to the IPITA mission
      2. Provide “expert opinion” leadership in advocating for policies that are of interest to the core mission of IPITA, such as, but not limited to promoting pancreas donation and utilization
      3. Assist IPITA Council with the establishment of policy and programs for promoting key areas of interest such as, but not limited to pancreas preservation, donation and utilization, payment for islet transplantation, xenotransplantation, and development of surrogate beta cell replacement therapies

    • Research and Development
      1. Assist IPITA Council in developing grant offerings for members
      2. Support and encourage multi-center research in the fields of whole pancreas and islet transplantation



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