Issue 3 - Volume 1 - July 2022
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Steven Paraskevas
Editor, Beta-Cell Bulletin
IPITA Education Committee

The IPITA Young Investigator Committee interviewed the 2021 Award Winners.

Due to the pandemic, we missed the opportunity for in-person interaction so the IPITA Young Investigator Committee took this opportunity to sit down and interview the 2021 award winners.
Click above to watch the interview or below (members only) to watch his presentation at the Congress.
Click above to watch the interview or below (members only) to watch his presentation at the Congress.
Click above to watch the interview.

Joint JDRF NIH Workshop on Beta Cell Replacement Therapies in T1D

Meeting Summary by Alice Tomei, Education Committee

The Joint JDRF NIH Workshop on Beta Cell Replacement Therapies in T1D took place at the NIH Campus on May 18-19, 2022. The goal of the workshop was to discuss how to accelerate the clinical development of beta cell therapies in T1D. Speakers and panelists from the regulatory, industrial, clinical and research sectors provided their prospective on the topic. Dr. Albert J. Hwa, Program Director of the NIH NIDDK Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases and Dr. Alice Tomei, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Miami and Diabetes Research Institute summarized the main topics discussed below.

Improved technologies to provide more precise engineering of the materials and devices for beta cell replacement were discussed. Overall, more attention is now paid to scaling up and CMC of beta cell production, as well as ways to characterize the heterogenous cell populations in stem cell-derived islets as replenishable sources of beta cells to replace cadaveric islets. Increasing combinations of the cells within devices were presented, including some strategies that take advantage of the wound healing response to establish prevascularized sites for beta cell delivery. A multitude of approaches to improve the engraftment efficiency at extrahepatic sites and to minimize the use of immunosuppression to prevent rejection and recurrence of autoimmunity after transplantation of allogenic beta cells were presented. And this included the exciting development in genetic engineering of human stem cells and porcine islets to reduce immunogenicity and increasing safety of the beta cell product. As we increase the complexity of the beta cell product, productive discussions on useful preclinical models to help inform the assessment of biocompatibility, safety, integration with the host and cell function after cell transplantation were discussed. Challenges in selecting preclinical models to predict human host responses before initiating trials in patients were highlighted indicating the ongoing work to evaluate such new research approaches for translation. FDA speakers discussed the regulatory framework for testing these novel products in humans. The patient panel discussion informed the attendees on why we are all here to move toward a goal of widely applicable beta cell therapy with excitement towards new therapies. A summary of the experience of CIT trials and the exciting development of new stem cell derived products now in clinical testing were also provided. Better tools to evaluate and stratify patients, for qualifying inclusions and to have better trial outcome measures, and innovative clinical trial designs are now available to improve future trials. With the continuing improvement in diabetes care, careful considerations on clinical trial design especially for the new products entering clinical testing need to be made. Overall, the workshop indicates that we are really at an exciting time to see translation to move beta cell replacement research from bench to bedside, fostered by increasing multidisciplinary collaborations, and certainly a ton of progress has been made since the last meeting in 2009.

Recent Publications of Interest

Clinical Pancreas

Correlation of Different Serum Biomarkers with Prediction of Early Pancreatic Graft Dysfunction Following Simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney Transplantation
Nora Jahn, Maria Theresa Voelker, Sven Laudi Sebastian Stehr, Stefan Schneeberger Gerald Brandacher, Elisabeth Sucher, Sebastian Rademacher, Daniel Seehofer, Robert Sucher, Hans Michael Hau
Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2022, doi: 10.3390/jcm11092563
Current Trends in Organ Preservation Solutions for Pancreas Transplantation: A Single-Center Retrospective Study
Joana Ferrer-Fàbrega, Emma Folch-Puy, Juan José Lozano, Pedro Ventura-Aguiar, Gabriel Cárdenas, David Paredes, Ángeles García-Criado Josep Antoni Bombí, Rocío García-Pérez, Miguel Ángel López-Boado, Ramón Rull, Enric Esmatjes Maria José Ricart, Fritz Diekmann, Constantino Fondevila ,Laureano Fernández-Cruz, Josep Fuster Juan Carlos García-Valdecasas
Transplant International, 2022, doi: 10.3389/ti.2022.10419
Do pretransplant C-peptide levels predict outcomes following simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation? A matched case-control study
Venkat Gurram, Komal Gurung, Jeffrey Rogers, Alan C. Farney, Giuseppe Orlando, Colleen Jay, Amber Reeves-Daniel, Alejandra Mena-Gutierrez, Natalia Sakhovskaya, William Doares, Scott Kaczmorski, Berjesh Sharda, Michael D. Gautreaux, Robert J. Stratta
Clinical Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1111/ctr.14498
Donor-derived Cell-free DNA Shows High Sensitivity for the Diagnosis of Pancreas Graft Rejection in Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation
Pedro Ventura-Aguiar, Maria Jose Ramirez-Bajo Jordi Rovira, Elisenda Bañón-Maneus, Natalia Hierro, Marta Lazo, Miriam Cuatrecasas M A Garcia-Criado, Nathan Liang, Ryan K Swenerton, Federic Cofan, David Cucchiari, Nuria Esforzado, Enrique Montagud-Marrahi, Federic Oppenheimer, Gaston Piñeiro, Ignacio Revuelta, Vicens Torregrosa, Ebad Ahmed, Karina Soboleva, Navchetan Kaur, Bernhard G Zimmermann, Nour Al Haj Baddar, Zachary P Demko Cesar Escrig, Hossein Tabriziani, Philippe Gauthier, Paul R Billings, Antonio J Amor Joana Ferrer, Josep M Campistol, Fritz Diekmann
Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1097/tp.0000000000004088
Early Experience Using Donor-derived Cell-free DNA for Surveillance of Rejection Following Simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney Transplantation
Michael D. Williams, Mingwei Fei, Erik Schadde Edward F. Hollinger, Edie Y. Chan, Oyedolamu Olaitan
Transplantation Direct, 2022, doi: 10.1097/txd.0000000000001321
Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines Against Hospitalization and Death With the SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant in Solid Organ and Islet Transplant Recipients
Sarah V Williams, Heather J Whitaker Lisa Mumford, Chris Callaghan, Rebecca M K Curtis Julia Stowe, Freja Kirsebom, James Thomas, Ines Ushiro-Lumb, Rommel Ravanan, Jamie Lopez-Bernal
Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1097/tp.0000000000004104
Evaluation of the Efficacy and Effects of Common Hepatic Artery Reconstruction in Pancreas Transplantation: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Naohiro Aida, Taihei Ito, Kei Kurihara, Izumi Hiratsuka, Megumi Shibata, Atsushi Suzuki, Takashi Kenmochi
Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2022, doi: 10.3390/jcm11082258
Impact of insulin therapy before donation on graft outcomes in pancreas transplantation: An analysis of the OPTN/UNOS database
Enrique Montagud-Marrahi, Antonio J. Amor, Alicia Molina-Andujar, David Cucchiari, Ignacio Revuelta, Nuria Esforzado, Frederic Cofan Federic Oppenheimer, Vicens Torregrosa, Joaquim Casals, Joana Ferrer, Enric Esmatjes, Maria José Ramírez-Bajo, Mireia Musquera, Beatriu Bayes, Josep M. Campistol, Fritz Diekmann, Pedro Ventura-Aguiar
Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 2021, doi: 10.1016/j.diabres.2021.109120
Impact of Simultaneous Pancreas-kidney Transplantation on Cardiovascular Risk in Patients With Diabetes
Enrique Montagud-Marrahi, Alicia Molina-Andújar, Adriana Pané, Sabina Ruiz, Antonio J. Amor, Enric Esmatjes, Joana Ferrer, Elisenda Banon-Maneus, Evelyn Hermida, Mireia Musquera, Constantino Fondevila, Fritz Diekmann, Pedro Ventura-Aguiar
Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1097/tp.0000000000003710
Initial Experience With SARS-CoV-2-Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies in Kidney or Combined Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Recipients
Friederike Bachmann, Klemens Budde, Norbert Suttorp, Tilman Lingscheid, Miriam Songa Stegemann, Bilgin Osmanodja, Eva Schrezenmeier Wiebke Duettmann, Ulrike Weber, Marcel Naik, Lukas Johannes Lehner, Andreas Kahl, Michael Duerr, Kai-Uwe Eckardt, Johannes Waiser, Mira Choi, Fabian Halleck
Transplant International, 2022, doi: 10.3389/ti.2022.10109
International Survey of Clinical Monitoring Practices in Pancreas and Islet Transplantation
Casey Ward, Jon S Odorico, Michael R Rickels, Thierry Berney, George W Burke, Thomas W H Kay, Olivier Thaunat, Pablo D Uva, Eelco J P de Koning, Helmut Arbogast, Hanne Scholz, Mark S Cattral, Robert J Stratta, Peter G Stock
Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.3389/ti.2022.10109
Patient Experience in Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation—A Methodological Approach Towards Innovation in an Established Program
Pedro Ventura-Aguiar, Beatriu Bayés-Genís, Antonio J. Amor, Miriam Cuatrecasas, Fritz Diekmann, Enric Esmatjes, Joana Ferrer-Fàbrega, Ángeles García-Criado, Mireia Musquera, Silvia Olivella, Eva Palou, David Paredes, Sonia Perea, Anna Perez, Esteban Poch, Barbara Romano, Joan Escarrabill
Transplant International, 2022, doi: 10.3389/ti.2022.10223
Simultaneous pancreas‐kidney transplantation in Caucasian versus African American patients: Does recipient race influence outcomes?
Jeffrey Rogers Colleen L. Jay Alan C. Farney Giuseppe Orlando, Marie L. Jacobs, David Harriman, Venkat Gurram, Berjesh Sharda, Komal Gurung, Amber Reeves‐Daniel, William Doares, Scott Kaczmorski, Alejandra Mena‐Gutierrez, Natalia Sakhovskaya, Michael D. Gautreaux, Robert J. Stratta
Clinical Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1111/ctr.14599
The Impact of an Elevated Uric Acid Level on the Prevalence of Coronary Artery Disease in Pancreas Transplant Candidates with Type 1 Diabetes: A Cross Sectional Study
Małgorzata Buksińska-Lisik, Przemysław Kwasiborski, Robert Ryczek, Wojciech Lisik, Artur Mamcarz
Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2022, doi: 10.3390/jcm11092421
The Presence of Activated T Cell Subsets prior to Transplantation Is Associated with Increased Rejection Risk in Pancreas Transplant Recipients
Stalin Chellappa, Kushi Kushekhar, Morten Hagness, Rune Horneland, Kjetil Taskén, Einar Martin Aandahl
The Journal of Immunology, 2021, doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.2001103
The Presence of Donor-specific Antibodies Around the Time of Pancreas Graft Biopsy With Rejection Is Associated With an Increased Risk of Graft Failure
Sandesh Parajuli, Arjang Djamali, Didier Mandelbrot, Fahad Aziz, Nancy Radke, Dixon Kaufman, Jon Odorico
Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1097/tp.0000000000004133
Treating Type 1 Diabetes by Pancreas Transplant Alone: A Cohort Study on Actual Long-term (10 Years) Efficacy and Safety
Ugo Boggi, Walter Baronti, Gabriella Amorese, Silvia Pilotti, Margherita Occhipinti, Vittorio Perrone, Lorella Marselli, Massimiliano Barsotti, Daniela Campani, Elena Gianetti, Andrea Cacciato Insilla, Emanuele Bosi, Emanuele Kaufmann, Chiara Terrenzio, Fabio Vistoli, Piero Marchetti
Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1097/tp.0000000000003627

Clinical Islet

Autologous regulatory T cells in clinical intraportal allogenic pancreatic islet transplantation
Marcus Bergström, Ming Yao, Malin Müller, Olle Korsgren, Bengt von Zur-Mühlen, Torbjörn Lundgren
Transplant International, 2021, doi: 10.1111/tri.14163
Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines Against Hospitalization and Death With the SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant in Solid Organ and Islet Transplant Recipients
Sarah V Williams, Heather J Whitaker, Lisa Mumford, Chris Callaghan, Rebecca M K Curtis Julia Stowe, Freja Kirsebom, James Thomas Ines Ushiro-Lumb, Rommel Ravanan, Jamie Lopez-Bernal
Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1097/tp.0000000000004104
Feasibility and efficacy of combined pancreatic islet‐lung transplantation in cystic fibrosis‐related diabetes–PIM study: A multicenter phase 1–2 trial
Luc Rakotoarisoa, Clothilde Wagner, Marion Munch, Benjamin Renaud Picard, Dominique Grenet, Anne Olland, Michel Greget, Iulian Enescu, Florence Bouilloud, Pierre Bonnette, Axel Guth, Domenico Bosco, Catherine Mercier, Muriel Rabilloud, Thierry Berney, Pierre Yves Benhamou, Gilbert Massard, Coralie Camilo, Cyrille Colin, Cécile Arnold, Romain Kessler, Laurence Kessler, the GRAGIL‐TREPID Group
American Journal of Transplantation, 2021, 10.1111/ajt.16785
Function and composition of pancreatic islet cell implants in omentum of type 1 diabetes patients
Freya Van Hulle, Kaat De Groot, Robert Hilbrands, Ursule Van de Velde, Krista Suenens, Geert Stangé, Ines De Mesmaeker, Diedert L. De Paep, Zhidong Ling, Bart Roep, Pieter Gillard, Daniel Pipeleers, Bart Keymeulen, Daniel Jacobs‐Tulleneers‐Thevissen
American Journal of Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1111/ajt.16884
Implanted pluripotent stem-cell-derived pancreatic endoderm cells secrete glucose-responsive C-peptide in patients with type 1 diabetes
Adam Ramzy, David M. Thompson, Kirsten A. Ward-Hartstonge, Sabine Ivison, Laura Cook, Rosa V. Garcia, Jackson Loyal, Peter T.W. Kim, Garth L. Warnock, Megan K. Levings, Timothy J. Kieffer
Cell Stem Cell, 2021, doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2021.10.003
Insulin expression and C-peptide in type 1 diabetes subjects implanted with stem cell-derived pancreatic endoderm cells in an encapsulation device
A.M. James Shapiro, David Thompson, Thomas W. Donner, Melena D. Bellin, Willa Hsueh, Jeremy Pettus, Jon Wilensky, Mark Daniels, Richard M. Wang, Eugene P. Brandon, Manasi S. Jaiman, Evert J. Kroon, Kevin A. D’Amour, Howard L. Foyt
Cell Reports Medicine, 2022, doi: 10.1016/j.xcrm.2021.100466
International Survey of Clinical Monitoring Practices in Pancreas and Islet Transplantation
Casey Ward, Jon S Odorico, Michael R Rickels, Thierry Berney, George W Burke, Thomas W H Kay, Olivier Thaunat, Pablo D Uva, Eelco J P de Koning, Helmut Arbogast, Hanne Scholz, Mark S Cattral, Robert J Stratta, Peter G Stock, International Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association Beta-Cell Replacement Therapy Monitoring Task Force
Transplantation 2022, doi: 10.1097/tp.0000000000004058
Pancreatic islet transplantation in type 1 diabetes: 20-year experience from a single-centre cohort in Canada.
Braulio A Marfil-Garza, Sharleen Imes, Kevin Verhoeff, Joshua Hefler, Anna Lam, Khaled Dajani, Blaire Anderson, Doug O'Gorman, Tatsuya Kin, David Bigam, Peter A Senior, A M James Shapiro
The lancet. Diabetes & endocrinology 2022, doi: 10.1016/s2213-8587(22)00114-0
Pharmacological management of patients undergoing total pancreatectomy with auto-islet transplantation
Kristen R. Szempruch, Krysta Walter, Natassha Ebert, Kathryn Bridgens, Chirag S. Desai
Pancreatology 2022, doi: 10.1016/j.pan.2022.04.009
Prevention of chronic diabetic complications in type 1 diabetes by co-transplantation of umbilical cord mesenchymal stromal cells and autologous bone marrow: a pilot randomized controlled open-label clinical study with 8-year follow-up
Zhixian Wu, Xiumin Xu, Jinquan Cai, Jin Chen, Lianghu Huang, Weizhen Wu, Alberto Pugliese, Shasha Li, Camillo Ricordi, Jianming Tan
Cytotherapy 2022, doi: 10.1016/j.jcyt.2021.09.015
Prolonged Islet Allograft Function is Associated With Female Sex in Patients After Islet Transplantation
Joana R N Lemos, David A Baidal, Raffaella Poggioli, Virginia Fuenmayor, Carmen Chavez, Ana Alvarez, Elina Linetsky, Franck Mauvais-Jarvis, Camillo Ricordi, Rodolfo Alejandro
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 2021, doi: 10.1210/clinem/dgab787
Surgical approach and short-term outcomes in adults and children undergoing total pancreatectomy with islet autotransplantation: A report from the Prospective Observational Study of TPIAT
Jaimie D. Nathan, Yi Yang, Anne Eaton, Piotr Witkowski, Martin Wijkstrom, Matthew Walsh, Guru Trikudanathan, Vikesh K. Singh, Sarah J. Schwarzenberg, Timothy L. Pruett, Andrew Posselt, Bashoo Naziruddin, Sri Prakash Mokshagundam, Katherine Morgan, Luis F. Lara, Varvara Kirchner, Jin He, Timothy B. Gardner, Martin L. Freeman, Kate Ellery, Darwin L. Conwell, Srinath Chinnakotla, Gregory J. Beilman, Syed Ahmad, Maisam Abu-El-Haija, James S. Hodges, Melena D. Bellin
Pancreatology 2022, doi: 10.1016/j.pan.2021.09.011
Targeting CXCR1/2 in the first multicenter, double‐blinded, randomized trial in autologous islet transplant recipients
Piotr Witkowski, Martin Wijkstrom, Piotr J. Bachul, Katherine A. Morgan, Marlon Levy, Nicholas Onaca, Sushela S. Chaidarun, Timothy Gardner, A.M. James Shapiro, Andrew Posselt, Syed A. Ahmad, Luisa Daffonchio, Pier A. Ruffini, Melena D. Bellin
American Journal of Transplantation 2021, doi: 10.1111/ajt.16695
The History of Clinical Islet Transplantation in Japan
Taihei Ito, Takashi Kenmochi, Kei Kurihara, Naohiro Aida
Journal of Clinical Medicine 2022, doi: 10.3390/jcm11061645
Transplantation of Pancreatic Islets Into the Omentum Using a Biocompatible Plasma-Thrombin Gel: First Experience at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague
Frantisek Saudek, Zuzana Hladiková, Barbora Hagerf, Lenka Nemetova, Peter Girman, Jan Kriz, Tomas Marada, David Habart, Zuzana Berkova, Ivan Leontovyc, Jiri Fronek
Transplantation Proceedings 2022, doi: 10.1016/j.transproceed.2021.11.037

Beta-Cell Science

Bio-Engineering of Pre-Vascularized Islet Organoids for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes
Charles-Henri Wassmer, Fanny Lebreton, Kevin Bellofatto, Lisa Perez, David Cottet-Dumoulin, Axel Andres, Domenico Bosco, Thierry Berney, Véronique Othenin-Girard, Begoña Martinez De Tejada, Marie Cohen, Christina Olgasi, Antonia Follenzi, Ekaterine Berishvili, Chiara Borsotti, Simone Merlin, Lorenzo Piemonti, Antonio Citro, Silvia Pellegrini, Jochen Seissler, Lelia Wolf-van Buerck, Mohsen Honarpisheh, Olivier Thaunat, Emma Massey, Antonia Cronin, Eline Bunnik, Dide de Jongh, Luca Segantini, Giovanna Rossi, Patrick Kugelmeier, Petra Wolint, Marco Cavallaro, Julia Götz, Jeanette Müller
Transplant International, 2022, doi: 10.3389/ti.2021.10214
Biophysical quantification of reorganization dynamics of human pancreatic islets during co-culture with adipose-derived stem cells
Karina Torres-Castro, Mohammad S. Azimi, Walter B. Varhue, Carlos Honrado, Shayn M. Peirce, Nathan S. Swami
Analyst, 2022, doi: 10.1039/d2an00222a
Development of a scalable method to isolate subsets of stem cell-derived pancreatic islet cells
Audrey V. Parent, Sudipta Ashe, Gopika G. Nair, Mei-Lan Li, Jessica Chavez, Jennifer S. Liu, Yongping Zhong, Philip R. Streeter, Matthias Hebrok
Stem Cell Reports, 2022, doi: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2022.02.001
FasL microgels induce immune acceptance of islet allografts in nonhuman primates
Ji Lei, María M. Coronel, Esma S. Yolcu, Hongping Deng, Orlando Grimany-Nuno, Michael D. Hunckler, Vahap Ulker, Zhihong Yang, Kang M. Lee, Alexander Zhang, Hao Luo, Cole W. Peters, Zhongliang Zou, Tao Chen, Zhenjuan Wang, Colleen S. McCoy, Ivy A. Rosales, James F. Markmann, Haval Shirwan, Andrés J. García
Science Advances, 2022, doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abm9881
Functional, metabolic and transcriptional maturation of human pancreatic islets derived from stem cells
Diego Balboa, Tom Barsby, Väinö Lithovius, Jonna Saarimäki-Vire, Muhmmad Omar-Hmeadi, Oleg Dyachok, Hossam Montaser, Per-Eric Lund, Mingyu Yang, Hazem Ibrahim, Anna Näätänen, Vikash Chandra, Helena Vihinen, Eija Jokitalo, Jouni Kvist, Jarkko Ustinov, Anni I. Nieminen, Emilia Kuuluvainen, Ville Hietakangas, Pekka Katajisto, Joey Lau, Per-Ola Carlsson, Sebastian Barg, Anders Tengholm, Timo Otonkoski
Nature Biotechnology, 2022, doi: 10.1038/s41587-022-01219-z
Genetic manipulation of stress pathways can protect stem-cell-derived islets from apoptosis in vitro
Nayara C. Leite, Gabriela C. Pelayo, Douglas A. Melton
Stem Cell Reports, 2022, doi: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2022.01.018
Human pluripotent stem-cell-derived islets ameliorate diabetes in non-human primates
Yuanyuan Du, Zhen Liang, Shusen Wang, Dong Sun, Xiaofeng Wang, Soon Yi Liew, Shuaiyao Lu, Shuangshuang Wu, Yong Jiang, Yaqi Wang, Boya Zhang, Wenhai Yu, Zhi Lu, Yue Pu, Yun Zhang, Haiting Long, Shanshan Xiao, Rui Liang, Zhengyuan Zhang, Jingyang Guan, Jinlin Wang, Huixia Ren, Yanling Wei, Jiaxu Zhao, Shicheng Sun, Tengli Liu, Gaofan Meng, Le Wang, Jiabin Gu, Tao Wang, Yinan Liu, Cheng Li, Chao Tang, Zhongyang Shen, Xiaozhong Peng, Hongkui Deng
Nature Medicine, 2022, doi: 10.1038/s41591-021-01645-7
Indirect and Direct Effects of SARS-CoV-2 on Human Pancreatic Islets
Moufida Ben Nasr, Francesca D’Addio, Laura Montefusco, Vera Usuelli, Cristian Loretelli, Antonio Rossi, Ida Pastore, Ahmed Abdelsalam, Anna Maestroni, Marco Dell’Acqua, Elio Ippolito, Emma Assi, Andy Joe Seelam, Roberta Maria Fiorina, Enrica Chebat, Paola Morpurgo, Maria Elena Lunati, Andrea Mario Bolla, Reza Abdi, Joseph V Bonventre, Stefano Rusconi, Agostino Riva, Domenico Corradi, Pierachille Santus, Pamela Clark, Manuela Nebuloni, Gabriella Baldi, Giovanna Finzi, Franco Folli, Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti, Massimo Galli, Kevan C Herold, Paolo Fiorina
Diabetes, 2022, doi: 10.2337/db21-0926
Normothermic ex situ pancreas perfusion for the preservation of porcine pancreas grafts
Laura I. Mazilescu, Catherine Parmentier, Sangeetha N. Kalimuthu, Sujani Ganesh, Masataka Kawamura, Toru Goto, Yuki Noguchi, Markus Selzner, Trevor W. Reichman
American Journal of Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1111/ajt.17019
Pancreatic islet cryopreservation by vitrification achieves high viability, function, recovery and clinical scalability for transplantation
Li Zhan, Joseph Sushil Rao, Nikhil Sethia, Michael Q. Slama, Zonghu Han, Diane Tobolt, Michael Etheridge, Quinn P. Peterson, Cari S. Dutcher, John C. Bischof, Erik B. Finger
Nature Medicine, 2022, doi: 10.1038/s41591-022-01718-1
Pancreatic Stellate Cells Prolong Ex Vivo Islet Viability and Function and Improve Engraftment
Pradyut K Paul, Rahul Das, Travis J Drow, Arnaldo H de Souza, Appakalai N Balamurugan, Dawn Belt Davis, Jacques Galipeau
Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 2022, doi: 10.1093/stcltm/szac018
RNA aptamers specific for transmembrane p24 trafficking protein 6 and Clusterin for the targeted delivery of imaging reagents and RNA therapeutics to human β cells
Dimitri Van Simaeys, Adriana De La Fuente, Serena Zilio, Alessia Zoso, Victoria Kuznetsova, Oscar Alcazar, Peter Buchwald, Andrea Grilli, Jimmy Caroli, Silvio Bicciato, Paolo Serafini
Nature Communications, 2022, doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-29377-3
The IGFBP3/TMEM219 pathway regulates beta cell homeostasis
Francesca D’Addio, Anna Maestroni, Emma Assi, Moufida Ben Nasr, Giovanni Amabile, Vera Usuelli, Cristian Loretelli, Federico Bertuzzi, Barbara Antonioli, Francesco Cardarelli, Basset El Essawy, Anna Solini, Ivan C. Gerling, Cristina Bianchi, Gabriella Becchi, Serena Mazzucchelli, Domenico Corradi, Gian Paolo Fadini, Diego Foschi, James F. Markmann, Emanuela Orsi, Jan Škrha, Maria Gabriella Camboni, Reza Abdi, A. M. James Shapiro, Franco Folli, Johnny Ludvigsson, Stefano Del Prato, Gianvincenzo Zuccotti, Paolo Fiorina
Nature Communications, 2022, doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-28360-2
Toward 3D-bioprinting of an endocrine pancreas: A building-block concept for bioartificial insulin-secreting tissue
Gabriel A Salg, Eric Poisel, Matthias Neulinger-Munoz, Jamina Gerhardus, Daniel Cebulla, Catrin Bludszuweit-Philipp, Vitor Vieira, Felix Nickel, Ingrid Herr, Andreas Blaeser, Nathalia A Giese, Thilo Hackert, Hannes G Kenngott
Journal of Tissue Engineering, 2022, doi: 10.1177/20417314221091033


Emerging diabetes therapies: Bringing back the β-cells
G. Basile M.M.F. Qadir F. Mauvais-Jarvis A. Vetere V. Shoba A.E. Modell R.L. Pastori H.A. Russ B.K. Wagner J. Dominguez-Bendala
Molecular Metabolism,2022, doi: 10.1016/j.molmet.2022.101477
Engineering Islets From Stem Cells: The Optimal Solution for the Treatment of Diabetes?
Suya Du, Yanjiao Li, Zhen Geng, Qi Zhang, Leo H. Buhler, Carmen Gonelle-Gispert, Yi Wang
Frontiers in Immunology, 2022, doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2022.869514
Impact of race on pancreas transplant outcomes in the current era: It is not all Black and White
Lisa McElroy, Jonathan A. Fridell
Clinical Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1111/ctr.14615
Islet Biology during COVID-19: Progress and Perspectives
Theodore dos Santos, Maria Galipeau, Amanda Schukarucha Gomes, Marley Greenberg, Matthew Larsen, Daniel Lee, Jasmine Maghera, Christina Marie Mulchandani, Megan Patton, Ineli Perera, Kateryna Polischevska, Seeta Ramdass, Kasra Shayeganpour, Kiano Vafaeian, Kyle Van Allen, Yufeng Wang, Tom Weisz, Jennifer L. Estall, Erin E. Mulvihill, Robert A. Screaton, for Diabetes Action Canada, Canadian Islet Research and Training Network
Canadian Journal of Diabetes, 2021, doi: 10.1016/j.jcjd.2021.11.002
Islets Transplantation at a Crossroads - Need for Urgent Regulatory Update in the United States: Perspective Presented During the Scientific Sessions 2021 at the American Diabetes Association Congress
Piotr Witkowski, Louis H. Philipson, John B. Buse, R. Paul Robertson, Rodolfo Alejandro, Melena D. Bellin, Fouad Kandeel, David Baidal, Jason L. Gaglia, Andrew M. Posselt, Roi Anteby, Piotr J. Bachul, Yaser Al-Salmay, Kumar Jayant, Angelica Perez-Gutierrez, Rolf N. Barth, John J. Fung, Camillo Ricordi
Frontiers in Endocrinology, 2022, doi: 10.3389/fendo.2021.789526
Progress in islet transplantation is more important than ever
Stefan R. Bornstein, Barbara Ludwig, Charlotte Steenblock
Nature Reviews. Endocrinology, 2022, doi: 10.1038/s41574-022-00689-0
Stem cell–derived islets take a leap toward patients
Lara C. Pullen
American Journal of Transplantation, 2022, doi: 10.1111/ajt.16647
The current state of clinical islet transplantation.
Rainer W G Gruessner
he lancet. Diabetes & endocrinology, 2022, doi: 10.1016/s2213-8587(22)00138-3



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