Transplantation August 2021 issue


This issue brings a host of great basic science papers across tolerance and innate immunity in different settings. Very practical clinical issues are also considered in a consensus statement on perioperative fluid management and many issues in clinical liver transplantation related to immunosuppression, management of recipients with cancers and from laparoscopic masters the approach to the bile ducts in living liver transplantation. The next in the series of expert consensus statements comes from the ILTS. Kidney transplant desensitization shows a glimmer of hope in a couple of directions: ex-vivo machine perfusion is examined and techniques compared in a porcine transplant model and the hopes for monitoring urine for ejection are given another boost. Face transplantation, uterine transplantation and pancreas transplantation as well as a number of adverse event issues are also packed into this comprehensive issue.



TTS Early Career Members Committee- Quick CLips

ECMC committee member Deirdre Sawinski discusses with Camille Kotton about her career path, COVID-19 and advice for those looking to find their niche in transplantation.

TTS Masterclasses: Organ Donation Series Continues

Delivered by the world’s best known and regional experts, each Masterclass includes presentations by an international and a regional expert to bring perspective to the topic, highlight differences and opportunities, and bolster active discussions.

The Beta-Cell Bulletin - New IPITA Newsletter

This quarterly newsletter highlights the latest and most relevant publications in our field, as well as association news, and updates on meetings and educational activities.
In this Issue: We have compiled a list of articles and manuscripts; the “IPITA Curriculum on Pancreas & Islet Transplantation"; Obituary: Jean-Michel “Max” Dubernard (1941-2021); IPITA 2021 Virtual Congress registration opens soon; List of new members to Welcome in 2021

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Free for TTS and IPITA Members

Women in Transplantation is delighted to announce two symposia as part of the 2021 CAST Virtual Congress, July 25-28.
Access to the Women in Transplantation symposia is FREE to WIT members.
Symposium 1 (click for details)
Symposium 1 - In Your Local Time: Local time
  • Dr. Vathsala Anantharam - Equity in donors and recipients in places with disparities
  • Dr. Germaine Wong - Equity in leadership
  • Dr. Maggie Ma - Fertility and pregnancy post solid organ transplantation
  • Dr. Lkhaakhuu Od-Erdene - How women can bring change to organ transplantation – the Mongolian experience
Symposium 2 (click for details)
Symposium 2 - In Your Local Time: Local time
  • Dr. Allison Tong, Dr. Nicole Scholes-Robertson and Dr. Amanda Dominello - Gender balance in living donation – from the recipient and donor perspective
  • Dr. Vasanthi Ramesh - Sex disparities in access to transplantation care during COVID-19 in Asia
  • Dr. Deirdre Sawinski - Fertility and pregnancy post solid organ transplantation
  • This session will be followed by a 30 minute panel discussion.

In the News 

World's first ischemia-free heart transplantation

July 18 - The world's first ischemia-free heart transplant surgery was performed at the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yet-sen University in southern China's Guangzhou. According to Professor He Xiaoshun, the inventor of the surgery, the ground-breaking technique allows the heart to continue beating with a continuous blood supply during the whole procedure. Experts say the development could reshape the current method of transplanting organs, and will greatly enhance the survival rate of recipients.

Artificial Heart Implant is the First of its Kind in the U.S.

July 18 - The 8-hour surgery took place as part of a clinical trial at Duke University Hospital. The trial is investigating the use of the Aeson device, created by a French medical technology company called Carmat.



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