A Reaffirmation of Organ Donation

Recent events call for a reaffirmation of essential values held by the worldwide community of transplant providers.

Indeed, in this period when inequities in access to healthcare are stretched and emphasised, we feel compelled to highlight the universal value of organ donation and the immense success achieved by transplantation. Donation implies generosity and solidarity, and should take place daily, routinely and peacefully around the globe regardless of age, gender, race, education or income of donors. This Gift of Life is gratefully accepted by recipients in dire need of an organ to continue to live regardless of their age and gender, among others. International Medical Societies representing Transplantation Professionals across the globe support and nurture diversity and inclusion among their members, fostering education, and stand against any form of barriers in access, knowledge, transition and required training around the "Gift of Life", particularly that related to gender, race, religion and income. We embrace a call of action to support equitable access to transplantation for all patients with end-stage organ diseases, and the value of gender and race equality in access to education and career development in the diverse fields of transplant healthcare professions.

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  • Registered delegates will be able to access all sessions live and on-demand.
  • Special fees are offered to IXA and CTRMS Members in good standing.

The full scientific program and abstracts can now be viewed on the website

Supercharge your fall education!

Our fall educational calendar is full of opportunities for transplant professionals!
Many of these activities are free, free to members, or have very low registration fees.

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Virtual Details Dates
TTS Series
TTS Masterclass Series
Free for TTS and Section Members
Recordings Details
IPITA Curriculum
IPITA Curriculum on Pancreas & Islet Cell Transplantation
Free for IPITA / TTS Members
Recordings Details
Joint Congress of the International Xenotransplantation Association (IXA) and the Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine Society (CTRMS)
Discounts for Members and emerging economy nation residents
Sept 23-25 Details
TTS Women in Transplantation Networking Event @ ASHI 2021 - Pathways to creating equity and inclusion: change is our collective responsibility
Free to all medical professionals
Sept 29 Details
ISUTx 2021
3rd International Congress of the International Society of Uterus Transplantation (ISUTx)
Free to all medical professionals with an interest in the field
Oct. 8 Details
1st IPTA VIRTUAL Fellows & Allied Health & Nursing Professionals (AHNP) Meeting
Free to all fellows and AHNPs
Oct. 14-15, 22 Details
International Forum
International Donation and Transplantation Legislative and Policy Forum hosted by Transplant Québec and Transplantation Research Program (CDTRP)
Free to attend and the forum aims to create recommendations that can be used to improve the legislative and policy framework surrounding organ and tissue donation and transplantation.
Oct. 14-15 Details
Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Association (IRTA) Webinar on Disease Modifying Therapy in Short Bowel Syndrome
Free to all medical professionals with an interest in the field
Oct. 19 Details
IPITA 2021
Virtaul 2021 Congress of the International Pancreas and Islet Transplantation Association (IPITA)
Discounts for Members and free for IPITA Members who are Students/Fellows/Trainees/Allied Healthcare Professionals
Oct. 20-23 Details
TID Cases
Transplant Infectious Disease Section Interesting Cases Webinar
Free to all medical professionals with an interest in Infectious Diseases in Transplantation
Oct. 25 Details
TTS Webinar
TTS Anesthesia and Critical Care Committee Fall 2021 Webinar
Free to all medical professionals with an interest in the field
Oct. 27 Details
ISODP 2021 Webinar Series (3 days x2 hours)
Free to all ISODP and TTS Members
Nov. 1-3 Details
TTS Women in Transplantation Webinar on Living Kidney Donation
Free to all medical professionals with an interest in the field
Nov. 15 Details
TID 2021
Transplant Infectious Disease Section 2021 Virtual Congress
Free to all medical professionals with an interest in Infectious Diseases in Transplantation
Nov. 17-18 Details

New International Forum - Free to Attend for Virtual Attendees

The goal of the International Forum is to create evidence-informed expert consensus recommendations with the objective of improving organ and tissue donation and transplantation laws and policy. The objective is to create aspirational recommendations that can be adapted for use in donation and transplant systems around the world.

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Upcoming Events and Webinars

WIT Networking Event | October 7

ISUTx 2021 Congress | October 8

TTS-ACCC Webinar | October 27

ISODP 2021 Webinar Series | November 1-3

WIT-TTS Webinar | November 15

TID 2021 Virtual | November 17-18

17th Brazilian Transplant Congress - October 21-23

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the XVII Brazilian Congress of Organ Transplants, in partnership with the Luso-Brazilian Congress of Transplants, the Brazilian Meeting of Nursing in Transplants and the Histocompatibility Forum of the Brazilian Association of Histocompatibility.

ISN - TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program Application Deadline

The ISN - TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program is now accepting applications until October 1st, 2021

The program is a joint partnership between the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and The Transplantation Society (TTS) to help establish new kidney transplant centers and develop existing kidney transplant programs in emerging countries. Please note that the program is open to all ISN and TTS members. This initiative fosters partnerships between experienced transplant centers in the developed world (Supporting Centers or SCs) and new and developing transplant centers (Emerging Centers or ECs) in low-resource regions, providing a framework and funding for up to six years of collaboration if adequate progress is made.

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