New TTS Needs Assessment Survey

Marcelo Cantarovich
TTS President

The slogan we adopted for the TTS 2022 Congress is "Committed to Access and Transparency" and as a lead-up to the Congress we have launched a new needs assessment survey which will aid TTS in developing new programs, educational material and strategies to better improve access and transparency in the field of transplantation. As a non-governmental organization in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) the information collected will feed into the work TTS is doing as part of our WHO collaboration.

Your support, by completing this survey, will contribute to the success of this initiative. Your answers will be kept confidential and anonymous.

The survey will take 6+ minutes and must be done from a computer or tablet.

Transplantation - July 2022 Issue


In this issue you will find collected together all of the information that we needed in March 2020 on the impact of COVID-19, the effectiveness of vaccination and the treatments needed to reduce the terrible early mortality we witnessed in our transplant populations. Proving that COVID has not stopped scientific discovery we also have some great articles on biomarkers, kidney biopsy and diagnosis of cardiac rejection. There is a really neat report on immunoproteomics in heart recipients and a study that highlights the unintended consequences of imflifidase treatment on analysis of HLA antibodies. Much to keep you busy reading as you head for a summer break



Transplantation - Week's Most Downloaded Paper

DSA Are Associated With More Graft Injury, More Fibrosis, and Upregulation of Rejection-associated Transcripts in Subclinical Rejection #TBT

Subclinical T cell-mediated rejection (subTCMR) is commonly found after liver transplantation and has a good short-term prognosis, even when it is left untreated. Donor-specific antibodies (DSA) are putatively associated with a worse prognosis for recipient and graft after liver transplantation.

Transplantation Direct - Week's Most Downloaded Paper

Textbook Outcome as a Quality Metric in Liver Transplantation #OpenAccess #liver #TransplantTwitter

Quality in liver transplantation (LT) is currently measured using 1-y patient and graft survival. Because patient and graft survival rates now exceed 90%, more informative metrics are needed. Textbook outcomes (TOs) describe ideal patient outcomes after surgery. This study critically evaluates TO as a quality metric in LT.

TTS 2022 Early Bird Deadline extended to July 20 - Register Now!


Hematopoietic stem cells transplantation, classical and new indications

Accessible in-person and virtually

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Xeno Spotlight - Interview with Professor Wayne J. Hawthorne

With the recent breakthroughs in xenotransplantation, A/Prof. Jagadish Jamboti (Consultant Renal Physician, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth), took this oppportunity to sit down with IXA President. Prof. Wayne J Hawthorne (Professor of Transplantation | Department of Surgery, University of Sydney) to discuss these recent advances and what the future holds.

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IXA President. Prof. Wayne J Hawthorne anf A/Prof. Jagadish Jamboti

New symposium videos are now available to TTS Members!

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TTS By-Election for Vice President Position

Deadline to vote is June 30, 2022

TTS 2022 By-Election is open!

With the advent of John Fung (USA) being elected as TTS President-Elect (2022-2024), the Vice President position (2022-2026) will be vacated at the end of the TTS 2022 Congress. This by-election is being held to fill this new vacancy.

Our Candidates

Minnie Sarwal

United States

Stefan G. Tullius

United States

ISUTx 3rd SOTA, Paris, France – Registration is Open!

ISUTx is delighted to announce that registration is open for its 3rd State-of-the Art Meeting on uterus transplantation in Paris, France, to be held on Friday, October 21st, 2022.

The chairman of the local organizing committee, Prof. Jean-Marc Ayoubi and the ISUTx president, Prof. Jiri Fronek, welcome all interested professionals. The all-encompassing and exciting program will cover topics such as robotic surgery in uterus transplantation, rejection diagnosis, assisted reproduction in uterus transplantation, as well as long term medical and psychological effects for donors, recipients and children. An update from the international uterus transplantation registry of ISUTx will also be presented.

We welcome delegates with any professional interest in uterus transplantation. For any further information, please reach out to Katie Tait, ISUTx Section Manager at TTS (

This meeting will be free of charge and is open to all interested members within ISUTx, TTS, and all TTS Sections.

Just Released - MESOT Second Announcement

June 30 - TID Interesting Cases Webinar Series Continues!

In Case You Missed It - Webinar from the Past Week

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