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TTS Needs Assessment Survey

Marcelo Cantarovich
TTS President

The slogan we adopted for the TTS 2022 Congress is "Committed to Access and Transparency" and as a lead-up to the Congress we have launched a new needs assessment survey which will aid TTS in developing new programs, educational material and strategies to better improve access and transparency in the field of transplantation. As a non-governmental organization in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) the information collected will feed into the work TTS is doing as part of our WHO collaboration.

Your support, by completing this survey, will contribute to the success of this initiative. Your answers will be kept confidential and anonymous.

The survey will take 6+ minutes and must be done from a computer or tablet.

Transplantation Updates

Transplantation - Week's Most Downloaded Paper

Abdominal Normothermic Regional Perfusion in Donation After Circulatory Death: A Systematic Review and Critical Appraisal #TBT

Abdominal normothermic regional perfusion (aNRP) for donation after circulatory death is an emerging organ preservation technique that might lead to increased organ utilization per donor by facilitating viability testing, improving transplant outcome by early reversal of ischemia, and decreasing the risk of unintentional surgical damage. The aim of the current review is to evaluate the recent literature on the added value of aNRP when compared to local standard perfusion technique.

Transplantation Direct - Week's Most Downloaded Paper

Immune Subsets From Ficoll Density Gradient Separation in Kidney Transplant Recipients #OpenAccess #TransplantTwitter

This study shows that PBMC fractions of immunosuppressed kidney transplant recipients, with or without rejection, are not noticeably influenced by the Ficoll separation procedure. These results may be useful for future immune monitoring studies of transplant recipients involving human PBMCs.

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