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The April issue of Transplantation Direct is ready for viewing by open access. A number of topics in kidney transplantation are covered in this issue, including articles on tacrolimus dosing for high C0 targets and using prolonged release strategies over the long term. The MyKidneyCoach app is evaluated for increasing patient involvement, performance of new eGFR equations is tested, and factors and prevalence related to enteric hyperoxalosis are studied. In liver transplantation, recipient risk factors are used to predict outcomes from DCD allografts, together with the development of a scoring system. The impact of liver transplant practices during holiday periods in the US is critically assessed using UNOS data. In other areas of transplantation, the effect of comorbidities on posttransplant mortality has been evaluated in heart transplant recipients, and dd-cfDNA measurements have been used for the detection of pancreas transplant rejection and dysfunction. In infectious disease research, one article looks at the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in non-lung transplants from infected donors to recipients. As usual, Transplantation Direct offers important insights into transplantation medicine, and is publicly available to via our open access website -- please visit soon for details on all these articles, and more!

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Today we know that both the humoral and the cellular arm of the immune system are engaged in severe immunological challenges. A close interaction between B and T cells can be observed in most “natural” challenges, including infections, malignancies, and autoimmune diseases. The importance and power of humoral immunity are impressively demonstrated by the current coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

Nocardia is an environmental pathogen with a predilection for causing opportunistic infections in immunocompromised patients, including solid organ transplant (SOT) recipients. Although risk factors have been identified for developing nocardiosis in this population, little is known regarding clinical factors resulting in poor outcomes. We evaluated a cohort of SOT recipients with nocardiosis for associations with 12-month mortality.

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Although prolonged-release tacrolimus (PR-T) is widely approved for posttransplantation immunosuppression in kidney recipients, large-scale studies are required to assess long-term outcomes. We present follow-up data from the Advagraf-based Immunosuppression Regimen Examining New Onset Diabetes Mellitus in Kidney Transplant Recipients (ADVANCE) trial, in which kidney transplant patients (KTPs) received corticosteroid minimization with PR-T.

Biliary complications are a common cause of morbidity after liver transplantation and associated with bile duct injury. To reduce injury, a bile duct flush is performed with high-viscosity preservation solution. It has been suggested that an earlier additional bile duct flush with low-viscosity preservation solution may reduce bile duct injury and biliary complications. This study aimed to investigate whether an earlier additional bile duct flush would reduce bile duct injury or biliary complications.

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