2023 Proposed TTS By-law Changes

Deadline to submit your ballot is October 21, 2023

TTS Council is pleased to present eight proposed By-law amendments to aid in shaping the future of the Society.
Among the changes proposed are expansion of Council to increase diversity; ensuring female, early career and Middle East AND Africa countries representation.

To review the proposed by-law amendments and the rationale statements please click the link below.
If you are a TTS full member you should have received a message with your personalized voting link today. Alternatively you may also use the link above to review the amendments and submit ballot.

Transplantation - Highlighted Tweets

Assessment and Evaluation of Alcohol Use Disorder in Liver Transplant
Alcohol-related liver disease is the most common indication for liver transplantation. It is essential for providers in transplantation to be informed of the state of the science in evaluation of alcohol use disorder (AUD). This review examines the broad range of approaches to the evaluation of AUD ranging from traditional interview approaches to recent literature on artificial intelligence models. The empirical support for methods of evaluation is examined.
A Machine Learning Prediction Model for Immediate Graft Function After Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation
After kidney transplantation (KTx), the graft can evolve from excellent immediate graft function (IGF) to total absence of function requiring dialysis. Recipients with IGF do not seem to benefit from using machine perfusion, an expensive procedure, in the long term when compared with cold storage. This study proposes to develop a prediction model for IGF in KTx deceased donor patients using machine learning algorithms.

Transplantation Direct - Highlighted Tweets

Relative Change in Donor-Derived Cell-free DNA is Superior to Absolute Values for Diagnosis of Acute Lung Allograft Dysfunction
Donor-derived cell-free DNA (dd-cfDNA%) is a biomarker of early acute lung allograft dysfunction (ALAD), with a value of ≥1.0% indicating injury. Whether dd-cfDNA% is a useful biomarker in patients >2 y posttransplant is unknown. Our group previously demonstrated that median dd-cfDNA% in lung recipients ≥2 y posttransplant without ALAD was 0.45%. In that cohort, biologic variability of dd-cfDNA% was estimated by a reference change value (RCV) of 73%, suggesting that change exceeding 73% may be pathologic. In this study, we aimed to determine whether dd-cfDNA% variability or absolute thresholds are optimal for detecting ALAD.
HLA Sensitization in Patients Bridged to Lung Transplantation With Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Lung transplantation is a definitive therapy for many end-stage lung pathologies. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is increasingly being used as a bridge to lung transplantation (BTT). HLA sensitization is a major barrier to lung transplantation. The development of HLA sensitization while undergoing ECMO support as a BTT has recently been reported in a 2-patient series.

July 31 - Webinar in Spanish on Living Donor Live Transplantation

The webinar will be hosted in Zoom and registration is free! Deadline to register is July 23.

IPITA-IXA-CTRMS Joint Congress - Early-bird Registration Period Ends July 24

Take advantage of the reduced fees today!

The International Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association (IPITA), the International Xenotransplantation Association (IXA), and the Cell Transplant and Regenerative Medicine Society (CTRMS) reaffirm their strong partnership as leaders in transplantation and promise to provide an outstanding and innovative program.

Leading experts and opinion leaders from all over the world will present the latest data and address important needs in clinical and experimental transplant therapy. Specific sessions will be devoted to hot research in whole-organ pancreas transplantation, islet transplantation, stem cell therapy, xenotransplantation and transplant biology.

We are expecting close to 600 delegates from all over the world.

We look forward to welcoming YOU to San Diego!

SPLIT 2023 - Submit Your Abstract Today!

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 15

We plan on welcoming leading experts and opinion leaders from all over the world to present their latest data and address important needs in clinical pediatric liver transplant and hosting sessions devoted to emerging research in the field.

ISUTx 2023 - Registration is Open!

Uterus Transplantation: The Next Generation

Join us for two days of engaging panel discussions, presentations, and networking with internationally-renowned faculty and researchers!

This year, the ISUTx will commemorate and celebrate the future of the field with this year’s theme — “Uterus Transplantation: The Next Generation.”

We look forward to seeing attendees at the 4th International Congress, which will be held in-person in Birmingham, Alabama at “The Forum” at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel, on Monday, September 11 – Tuesday, September 12, 2023.



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