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The September content of Transplantation Direct is available online. This issue covers a wide-variety of subjects in transplantation. Starting with kidney transplants, we have studies on the relationship of soluble aKlotho and intact FGF on transplant outcomes, the association of BK virus and urinary tract infections with DGF, management of cases of donor-derived EBV mucocutaneous ulcertation, and a review of sex and gender disparities in living kidney donation. Also, specific components of frailty are evaluated in kidney-pancreas and pancreas alone transplantation. In liver transplantation, lessons learned from an in-depth analysis of adverse events are provided to improve living liver donation, and practices and attitudes are examined at US transplant centers regarding early transplantation for alcohol-associated liver disease. For those interested in lung transplants, there are articles on the use of -NAD+ to reduce acute rejection, and on the use of Azithromycin prophylaxis to decrease lymphocytic bronchitis. In intestinal transplantation, we have an article examining immunosuppression practices amongst US intestinal transplant centers. Related to organ donation and procurement, a case study and literature review of donor-origin neuroendocrine cancer is presented, as well as the use of CNIs to reduce kidney ischemia-reperfusion injury. From Finland, authors there used the Finnish Transplant Registry to take a renewed look at tuberculosis in transplant recipients. We welcome you to visit our Transplantation Direct website to get complete details of these articles in open-access.

Table of Contents

Kidney Transplantation

Liver Transplantation

Lung Transplantation

Intestinal Transplantation

Pancreas and Islet Transplantation

Infectious Disease

TTS Leadership ESOT 2023 in Athens - Sept 17-20

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Elmi Muller, TTS President

Breaking down barriers
Tue - 19 Sept @14:45 - Storytelling - I did it my way. How did I get here?

Vivek Kute, TTS Councilor

Kidney Paired Exchange - India
Sun - 17 Sept @17:45 - ESOT – ISOT joint session: Expanding living donor pool in kidney transplant

Dorry Segev, TTS Councilor

Can AI better address the gap between supply and demand?
Mon - 18 Sept @15:10 - Plenary - Overcoming the organ shortage: Thinking outside the box
The environmental impact of telemedicine
Tue - 19 Sept @10:40- Fishbowl - Digital interface with patients – outpatients in the 22nd century

Marcelle McPhaden, TTS Executive Director

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Transplantation Journal Highlights

Transplantation - Highlighted Tweets

September 2023 - Volume 107 - Issue 9
This issue includes some fascinating science on advances in kidney organoids, humanized mouse transplant models using CAR-T cells and memory CD8 cells, as well as offering direction on the clinical problems of donor obesity, infectious disease and patient-reported outcomes. The value of NAC in liver transplantation and HCC resection vs. liver transplantation for HCC are explored. The clinical science section includes novel findings on bariatric surgery for kidney donors, robotic nephrectomy and ex vivo perfusion of kidneys for simultaneous heart-kidney transplantation, as well as endomyocardial biopsies and miRNAs for rejection monitoring in heart transplantation. Belatacept treatment in pregnant transplant recipients is evaluated. Further interesting insights are offered in a meeting report on sex and gender in organ transplantation. Two important guidelines are provided, one on Banff scoring of recurrent IgA nephropathy and the other on Infectious disease in South Asia.
Sequencing of Physically Interacting Cells in Human Kidney Allograft Rejection to Infer Contact-dependent Immune Cell Transcription
Rejection requires cell–cell contact involving immune cells. Inferring the transcriptional programs of cell–cell interactions from single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) data is challenging as spatial information is lost.

Transplantation Direct - Highlighted Tweets

Cancer Risk Following HLA-Incompatible Living Donor Kidney Transplantation
Incompatible living donor kidney transplant recipients (ILDKTr) require desensitization to facilitate transplantation, and this substantial upfront immunosuppression may result in serious complications, including cancer.
Characteristics, Risk Factors, and Outcome of New-onset Systolic Heart Failure After Liver Transplantation: A Single-center Cohort
New-onset systolic heart failure (HF) after liver transplantation (LT) is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality; however, its characteristics are still insufficiently delineated. HF may involve the left ventricle (LV), right ventricle (RV), or both ventricles. We explored the incidence, characteristics, etiologies, risks, involved cardiac chambers, and outcomes of HF after LT.

TTS-ISN Sister Centers Application Submission - Deadline October 15

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Thanks to a partnership with The Transplantation Society (TTS), this program pairs up emerging transplant centers with established centers so they can benefit from educational support and work together to increase opportunities for kidney transplant patients in low-resource countries.

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