Global Data Harmonization Committee

Lead by Joseph Kim, The Global Data Harmonization Committee was formed in late 2020 with the purpose of providing guidance to the TTS Executive and Council on matters related to availability of transplant data across the world and possibilities of designing and implementing data harmonization efforts. Please visit this page to learn more about the committee activities. 

The committee is currently collecting information on all existing regional or national registries around the world.  If you know of any other existing registries, please let us know. This list is continuously being updated. 

List of Global Registries

  • Japanese Organ Transplant Registry
  • China Organ Transplant Response System
  • Korean Organ Transplant Registry (KOTRY)
  • Asian Organ Transplantation Registry (ASTREG, AST)
Latin America
  • Argentine Donation and Trasplantation Registry (SINTRA, Argentina)
North America
  • Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (USA)
  • Canadian Organ Replacement Register



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