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Xenotransplantation, the official journal of the International Xenotransplantation Association, provides its readership with rapid communication of new findings in the field of organ and tissue transplantation across species barriers.

The journal is not only of interest to those whose primary area is xenotransplantation, but also to veterinarians, microbiologists and geneticists. It also investigates and reports on the controversial theological, ethical, legal and psychological implications of xenotransplantation.

Unsolicited contributions of full length and brief communications dealing with both basic and applied studies in this field will be considered for publication pending scientific review to assure high quality. In addition, review articles of timely subjects will be solicited by the editors. Editor-in-Chief, Leo H. Bühler invites you to submit your manuscript to Xenotransplantation.

The Carl-Gustav Groth Xeno Prize is awarded annually to the best paper published in Xenotransplantation. The prize is jointly sponsored by the IXA and Wiley, and awards $7,000 (US) to the first author of the best paper published in the journal each calendar year.

While the field still has a considerable way to go before xenotransplantation becomes a clinical reality, researchers remain confident that new advances are steadily bringing that day closer. Xenotransplantation, with a 2022 Impact Factor of 3.788, is the journal for all those who wish to stay at the forefront of this fast developing and emerging field. Learn more about the journal.

Xenotransplantation is available for all TTS members at a discounted annual subscription, and for IXA members at a greatly reduced annual subscription. Order the journal today through the simple online payment system on the TTS website. Non-members, join the IXA or visit the Xenotransplantation website. Full access to Xenotransplantation (XEN) is available to all IXA members directly from the IXA website. Just sign into the IXA website member login!

Carl-Gustav Groth
Xeno Prize
IXA members are eligible for the Carl-Gustav Groth Xeno Prize. This prize of US $7,000 is jointly sponsored by the International Xenotransplantation Association (IXA) and the publisher of Xenotransplantation (Wiley). The Xeno Prize will be awarded to the first author of the best paper published in the journal Xenotransplantation each calendar year.
About the Journal

Between 2000 and 2007, the official journal of the IXA, Xenotransplantation, made important progress under the able, visionary editorial leadership of Dr. David K.C. Cooper. Xenotransplantation expanded its page numbers, provided an invaluable forum for news and proceedings important to our members, assured timely peer-reviewed publication of original work in the field, and solicited timely and important review articles. Professor Carl G. Groth, the new Editor of the journal, strongly encourages manuscript submissions from members of the IXA and the Society. Support from the members of the Society will be essential to the success of his efforts to enhance the journal’s impact factor. The impact factor of the Journal depends on the number of highly cited papers that appear in it. Members can help by submitting their original work, remembering to cite work published there in all their xeno-related papers. In addition, review articles are widely read and frequently cited, and are particularly welcome. Electronic publication of accepted manuscripts assures that our members’ work encounters minimal delay in reaching the journal’s readership and the wider scientific community.



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