Membership and Education Committee

  • Generate content through education and link with scientific community.
  • Identify and communicate initiatives of the IIRTA to membership.
  • Recruit and engage members, especially from developing countries
  • Identify issues impacting members.
  • Increase awareness of the significant improvements in the short and long-term management of intestinal failure among the transplant and non-transplant medical community, health care providers and patients.
  • Continuous medical and surgical education worldwide, particularly in developing countries, to increase access to all different therapeutic modalities.
  • Identify and address the regulatory barriers that prevent the advancement of the field of intestinal rehabilitation and transplantation.
  • Identify communication strategies to disseminate education to the community.

Members 2021-2023
  • Laurens Ceulemans, Belgium (Chair)
  • Irum Amin, UK
  • Rui Cruz, USA
  • Maria Virginia Gentillini, Argentina
  • Taizo Hibi, Japan
  • Lindsay Hogg, UK (AHP Rep)
  • George Mazariegos, USA
  • Hamed Nikopour, Iran
  • Mihai Oltean, Sweden
  • Amin Roberts, New Zealand
  • Martin Von Websky, Germany
  • Joshua Weiner, USA
If you are interested in joining the Membership and Education Committee, please email for more information.



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