About Allied Health Professionals

As a member of the IIRTA, you have access to international multidisciplinary experts in intestine transplantation. The networking opportunities within IIRTA are invaluable in discussing specific intestine transplant-related issues with others who have similar experiences and expertise. The biennial symposium is unlike any other transplant educational event, focusing specifically on all dimensions of intestinal transplant, as well as therapies and treatment for intestinal failure. Becoming a member of IIRTA will enhance your practice by becoming part of an international transplant team to exchange knowledge, improve your clinical practice, develop and participate in educational opportunitiesand to engage in research.
Beverly Kosmach-Park, DNP Clinical Nurse Specialist, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, USA

Allied Health Professionals is comprised of various members of the transplant multidisciplinary team including nurses, dietitians, psychologists, administrators, social workers, physical therapists, pharmacists, and many others, who have a specific interest in intestinal failure and transplantation. They contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these areas through clinical practice, educational endeavors and research.

The AHP membership was defined and added to the IIRTA membership categories in 2013. Allied Health members of IIRTA have representation on the IIRTA Board of Directors through one standing representative on the Ad Hoc Committee. AHP members have nomination and voting privileges and can participate on committees within the organization.

Membership Benefits
  • Nomination and voting privileges
  • Reduced annual membership fee of $50 US
  • Advanced information on pre-congress workshops and networking events
  • Access to the AHP contact list and other membership directories through the IIRTA website
  • Access to multimedia and recorded lectures

Current Initiatives
  • The IIRTA/AHP Outstanding Achievement Award to be awarded biennially at IIRTA Congresses
  • Targeted webinars for Allied Health Professionals
  • Discussion forum with colleagues around the world
  • Production of joint international resources and best practice guidelines
  • Development of Allied Health Professionals special interest groups (SIGs)

Become an AHP Member
  • Complete the online application form on the website or the PDF paper form
  • Your application will be reviewed by the IIRTA Council
  • After your application has been approved, you will receive an IIRTA member login.
  • IIRTA will send you an invoice for your membership dues, which can be paid online.
If you would like more information about IIRTA membership as an Allied Health Professional, please email membership@tts.org
IIRTA Allied Health Chat
  • Christina Belza
    Hospital for SickKids, Toronto, Canada

    Allied Health Professional Representative

The International Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Association Allied Health Group has received feedback from Allied health members regarding the value of connection and learning from each other. We all encounter challenging situations in our clinical practice everyday and have a wealth of knowledge in our colleagues that has not been utilized. Until now! We hope by setting up a network for allied health members to communicate we can learn from each other and “pick each other’s brains”.

What are the goals
  1. Create educational and learning opportunities among allied health members
  2. Increase knowledge and dissemination of education and practice challenges

What does this mean for you
  1. Opportunity to learn from colleagues
  2. Forum to reach out to other’s that may have clinical expertise and can provide academic evidence partnered with real world experience to create patient solutions

How to sign up
  • Please contact christina.belza@sickkids.ca to be added to the email list.  Please include the following:
    • Name
    • Preferred email
    • Current role (i.e. dietitian, occupational therapist)
    • Population of interest (i.e. Pediatric intestinal failure)
    • Affiliated intestinal failure/transplant center
    • Years of experience
  • You must be a member of IIRTA to participate (IIRTA Allied Health Membership is $50/year or $90 for 2 years and does not require TTS membership).
  • You may request removal from the listserv at any time.

How will it work
  • We recognize everyone is busy and the last thing you need is emails filling up your inbox.
  • Q&A: Anyone with a question will email christina.belza@sickkids.ca directly. Once weekly on a Monday an email will be sent out with questions that have been submitted with the heading IIRTA Allied Health ListServ Question. Responses can then be submitted using the “Reply All” Email setting so that everyone can benefit from learning. If there have been no questions submitted you will not receive an email.
  • Events: Maximum of 1 email per month will be sent to highlight upcoming IIRTA educational programming.

IIRTA AHP Chat Guidelines and expectations
  • Ensure all email responses and interactions are professional and respectful
  • Intestinal failure/transplantation is a rare disease that results in wide variation of practices across programs. Given the literature available many practices are customized based on center experience and may or may not be generalizable to other centers/programs.
  • Before posting a question, review previous submissions to limit duplication.
  • Include provided subject line to ensure the ability to search previous submissions. Please use “IIRTA Allied Health ListServ Question – YOUR TOPIC” (i.e. IIRTA Allied Health ListServ Question – USE OF LOPERAMIDE LIQUID”
  • Keep emails succinct and address the question directly
  • Do not send meaningless responses that do not contribute to the conversation (i.e. “me too”).
  • Do not send copyrighted material (send direct link/URL to relevant literature/information)
  • Do not send another individuals private email without obtaining permission
  • Do not send chain mail, job listing, advertising or promotional materials without previous approval from IIRTA AH committee
  • Do not be critical of other individuals questions or discussion responses
  • Avoid sarcasm or humour as these are often misunderstood in the context of email communication
  • Most importantly – Be kind



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