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Please note that this webinar will only be offered in its entirety live. Anthony Atala's presentation will not be recorded or available after the live session.

Critical Care and Organ Donation in India

It is our pleasure to invite you to join a webinar series jointly organized by The Transplantation Society's Anesthesia and Critical Care Committee, the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine and the Indian Society of Transplantation.

The webinar series will focus on the process of organ donation, specifically in the end-of-life care of donors in order to facilitate organ donation for transplantation. Participants will learn about the skills related to donor evaluation, diagnosis of death, donor management, as well as how to approach families and communicate bad news regarding the diagnosis of brain death and organ donation, and the process of donation after circulatory definition of death (DCD).

These webinars will bring together the community of Global Intensive Care Specialists, Anesthesiologists and Physicians to provide an educational platform to increase deceased donation with the goal of saving lives and increase the quality of life through organ transplantation.

Series begins November 26, 2021!

Visit the series homepage for all dates and local times
Martí Manyalich
University of Barcelona, Spain
Deepak Govil
ISCCM President
Director, Institute of Critical Care and Anaesthesiology
Medanta, Delhi, India
Vivek Kute
ISOT Secretary
TTS Ethics Committee Co-Chair

Nephrology IKDRC-ITS
Marcelo Cantarovich
TTS President
Professor of Medicine Nephrology, MOTP
McGill University Health Center, Montreal, Canada

TTS-ILTS Paired Transplant Centers Program

The TTS-ILTS Paired Transplant Centers Program is now accepting applications!

The TTS-ILTS Paired Transplant Centers Program is a collaboration between The Transplantation Society (TTS) and the International Liver Transplantation Society (ILTS) supporting new liver transplant programs in emerging economies.

Application Deadline: January 1st, 2022

An experienced transplant center in the developed world is paired with an emerging transplant center to facilitate vital multidisciplinary training and an exchange of knowledge and expertise.
The project aims to benefit both centers. The supporting center (SC) is involved in global health, and promotes ethical and competent transplantation in regions of the world with limited or no current access to transplantation. The emerging center (EC), connects with a multidisciplinary team of experts in transplantation from a world-leading center.
Progressive steps associated with increasing funding as the partnership between the EC and SC grows.
The ultimate goal is for Level 3 centers to graduate and become true local centers of excellence for regional training and support.

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