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NEW! TTS 2022 Student Ambassador

In order to encourage the next generation of medical doctors to pursue a career in the field of transplantation, we are looking for medical students interested in participating in The Transplantation Society (TTS) 2022 Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina being held on September 11th-14th. Selected medical students will participate in three workshops by asking questions to the panelists. Additionally, students will attend five other sessions of their choice, and special events, and will participate in TTS 2022 social media activity. Students will be mentored to develop a slide deck presentation with highlights of the sessions attended. Their experience at the Congress, as well as key take-home messages, will be shared with their medical school peers. Their slide decks and other materials from the congress will be featured on the TTS website. The application submission deadline is May 18th, 2022.

Call for Social Media Ambassadors

TTS International Social Media Ambassadors

Deadline - April 11, 2022
Share your TTS experience with thousands of international healthcare professionals and scientists by applying to be a Social Media Ambassador (SMA) for TTS!
What do TTS International Social Media Ambassadors do?
  • Work closely with our leadership and the TTS IHQ team to produce digital content (tweets, posts, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, interviews, calls to action, opinions, manuscript / article reviews and commentaries, etc.) to be posted on your own and TTS media channels. The over-arching theme is to drive engagement.
  • Promote TTS and its mission through social media channels.
  • Promote the TTS Congress and events through social media.
Requirements / Qualifications
We are looking for dynamic and passionate transplant professionals to be SMAs for the TTS. We plan to recruit numerous individuals for a period of one year, with a possibility of renewal thereafter. Each applicant would need to allocate 1-2 hours per week to advance this initiative and participate in TTS 2022 congress. Each applicant should have an active social media presence and excellent working knowledge of at least one social media platform; dedicated training/course preferable. We ask all interested applicants to provide a short description of why you would make a great social media ambassador and present a strategy to promote TTS and the upcoming congress in 500 words or less. Please mention a list of platforms currently used with social media handles and number of followers. TTS primarily posts in English however we are looking to expand our reach to better reflect the diversity within our membership.
Benefits of becoming a TTS-SMA
  • Recognition on the TTS website with photo, bio and links to social media accounts
  • Free registration at TTS 2022 Congress in Buenos Aires.
  • Opportunity for interaction with our leadership and the key-opinion leaders in transplantation
  • Opportunity to grow your own audience and career advancement
We may request a follow-up in-person meeting prior to our final selection.

Transplantation - Featured Visual Abstracts

Renal Normothermic Machine Perfusion: The Road Toward Clinical Implementation of a Promising Pretransplant Organ Assessment Tool
Hamelink, Tim L. BSc1; Ogurlu, Baran1; De Beule, Julie MD2; Lantinga, Veerle A. BSc1; Pool, Merel B.F. MD, PhD1; Venema, Leonie H. MSc1; Leuvenink, Henri G.D. PhD1; Jochmans, Ina MD, PhD2,3; Moers, Cyril MD, PhD1
Transplantation: February 2022 - Volume 106 - Issue 2 - p 268-279 doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000003817
Preemptive Antibody Therapy for Vaccine Breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Immunocompromised Patients
Catalano, Concetta MD1; Servais, Sophie MD, PhD2; Bonvoisin, Catherine MD2; Couturier, Bruno MD1; Hildebrand, Marc MD1; Etienne, Isabelle MD1; Meuris, Christelle MD2; Goffard, Jean-Christophe MD, PhD1; Wissing, Martin MD, PhD3; Goldman, Michel MD, PhD4; Le Moine, Alain MD, PhD1
Transplantation: December 2021 - Volume 105 - Issue 12 - p e282 doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000003942
Serological Response to the BNT162b2 COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine in Adolescent and Young Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients
Haskin, Orly MD1,2; Ashkenazi-Hoffnung, Liat MD2,3; Ziv, Noa MD2,4; Borovitz, Yael MD1; Dagan, Amit MD1,2; Levi, Shelly MD1,2; Koren, Gili1; Hamdani, Gilad MD1; Levi-Erez, Daniella MD1,2; Landau, Daniel MD1,2; Alfandary, Hadas MD1,2
Transplantation: November 2021 - Volume 105 - Issue 11 - p e226-e233 doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000003922

Transplantation - Week's Most Downloaded Paper

#TBT to this week's featured top downloaded paper from 2019-20: The Use of Donation After Circulatory Death Organs for Simultaneous Liver-kidney Transplant: To DCD or Not to DCD?

Transplantation Direct - Week's Most Downloaded Paper

This study by @TCotterMD et al. suggests a nationwide reluctance by liver transplant centers for re-LT for recurrent ALD despite a significant increase in AUD, ALD, and initial LT for ALD and AH. #OpenAccess #TransplantTwitte

TTS Call for Award Nominations - Deadline May 1

Spotlight on The Medawar Prize

The Medawar Prize, named after Society co-founder Sir Peter Medawar, is recognized as the world's highest dedicated award for the most outstanding contributions in the field of transplantation. The Medawar Prize has been awarded at each of our Society's biennial Congresses since 1990.

The award recognizes the outstanding investigators whose contributions have had such a profound influence on the field of organ transplantation. The Medawar Prize is universally considered to be commensurate with the most outstanding world prizes for scientific achievement.

Spotlight on TTS Thomas Starzl Innovation Award

The TTS Starzl Innovation Award is named after Tom Starzl who was best known for his contributions to the field of organ transplantation, and often referred to as the “father of transplantation”. The award recognizes individuals who, though advanced and original work, have contributed significantly to transplantation, thereby reflecting the spirit pioneered by Dr. Starzl. This award is supported by Başkent University.

2022 Awards Call for Nominations

Recognition Awards

Call for nominations

These awards recognize individuals who have made a major international impact in the field of transplantation. The awards are given out at each International Congress of The Transplantation Society and carry a monetary award of USD $2,000 each.

Available Awards for 2022

Outstanding Achievement Transplantation Science (Basic)

Outstanding Achievement in Transplantation Science (Clinical)

Outstanding Achievement in Transplantation Science (Developing Country)

Mentorship or Education and Training in Transplantation

Select a year to view past recipient details

WIT Awards

WIT Awards

The Women in Transplantation Steering Committee have created the Woman Leader in Transplantation Award to recognize a woman who has helped further the field of transplantation through research, policies, leadership, initiatives or other regarded contributions. The Unsung Hero Award will be presented to one woman who has had an extraordinary impact in transplantation through community service, volunteering, mentorship or other community based activity. Both Awards are presented during the presidential address at the TTS International Congress.




The Transplantation Society celebrates the contributions of basic science to the field of transplantation with the International Transplantation Science Mentee-Mentor Awards to recognize the efforts of scientists who have advanced our understanding of transplantation science and fostered the development of the young investigators who will be the future leaders in our field.

The application will open in January 2022. Deadline for submission is April 10, 2022.

Click here for more details

TTS 2022 Elections are open until May 11, 2022. Vote today!

Voting is an important responsibility and privilege for all our members and by taking a moment to vote you will help shape our leadership and our future!

NEW! TTS Research Grants Program

TTS will provide funding to three individual investigators to support their research in transplantation. The spectrum of studies includes basic, clinical/epidemiological and translational. This individual should have spent five years or less performing research in transplantation (and/or immunology relating to transplant) since obtaining their last doctoral degree (PhD, MD, PharmD, or equivalent). One of these research grants will be preferentially designated to TTS members from a low- or middle-income country.
General Information
  1. The three seeding grants, at $25,000 each, will provide support to clinical, basic and translational scientists working within the field of transplantation. Research must commence on September 1st 2022 and conclude on 31st October, 20, 2024.

  2. Up to $25k per year for up to 2 years with requirement for annual reporting. The extra 2 months is intended to provide buffer for start-up, i.e. 14 months first period and 12 months second period

  3. The research start date cannot be deferred for any reason.

  4. Letters of Intent are due by April 30, 2022.

  5. Applications must be submitted in full by June 1st 2022 in order to be reviewed.

  6. The recipient will sign a letter of agreement with TTS. Payments will be issued to the recipient’s institution by TTS, and the recipient will report to the TTS Research Grant Committee.
Research Focus
The 2022 TTS Research Grant will fund research that encompasses epidemiologic, clinical, translational, and basic studies as well as studies to expand access to transplantation, including, but not limited to: Improving global access to transplantation and outcomes of transplantation.

International Transplantation Science Mentee-Mentor Awards

2022 Mentee-Mentor Awards

The International Transplantation Science Mentee-Mentor Awards are designed to encourage dialogue and interactions between trainees and established investigators, and provide financial support for their joint participation in the Congress.

About our TTS Ukraine Fund and TTS Matching of Donations

Statement of The Transplantation Society’s support to the people of Ukraine.

As the global leader in transplantation, committed to health and life for all, The Transplantation Society expresses grave concern over the escalating violence and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Continue reading

The protection of civilians and preservation of healthcare is imperative. TTS stands ready to support our colleagues, friends, families and patients impacted by this tragedy. As a non-State actor in official relations with the World Health Organization, we will seek collaborate with the WHO to provide our expert assistance on the Ukraine emergency

We are monitoring the situation and have setup a donation page ( to collect funds to be distributed to support the maintenance of healthcare in the Ukraine and assist transplant patients as may be possible. We will also reach out to contacts to assess how we can assist to re-establish transplantation activities once the crisis has ended. TTS will match each contribution, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000 USD in total.

Individuals may also contribute to the WHO foundation directly using this link:

Latest Video Additions

IRTA Webinar - March 31, 2022


Critical Care and Organ Donation in India - March 17, 2022

Organ Donation and Transplantation: Coexisting with COVID-19.
There are 6 previous presentations in teh series available to view as well!

DICG Webinar - March 17, 2022

Transplantation in the Context of Migrants & Refugees: Challenges & Dilemmas

In the News 

Thailand’s first intestinal and multivisceral transplantation performed

March 22 - Siriraj Hospital announced today (Tuesday) that it has performed Thailand’s first intestinal and multivisceral transplantation.

High Blood Iron Levels May Increase Risk for HCC in NAFLD

April 4 - Patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease who have high blood iron levels may be at an increased risk for developing the most common type of liver cancer, according to new research.

Nanoengineered bacteria provide light-activated cancer therapy

April 4 - Cancer cells thrive by competing with normal cells for survival. Now, researchers are employing living bacteria to fight back against the cancer. This so-called bacteriotherapy – the deployment of bacteria to fight cancer – has sparked interest in the fields of immunotherapy and bioengineering.

Virtual population used to replicate a clinical trial that examines kidney damage in Black Americans

April 2 - Researchers have successfully used a virtual population to replicate a clinical trial that examined kidney damage in Black Americans, according to a new study at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. John S. Clemmer, PhD, a physiologist and lead author of the study, said his team model used a calcium channel blocker to predict kidney damage. They were also able to simulate stopping the damage by adding drug therapy (angiotensin inhibitor) and reducing salt intake.

Moving xenotransplantation research into human trials will require adjusting our expectations, researchers say

April 1 - In the heels of some important “firsts” this past year, xenotransplantation — grafting animal organs into humans — is on the cusp of crossing over into new territory: human trials.

Living-Donor Liver Transplant Promising for CRC With Liver Mets

April 1 - For select patients with liver-confined, unresectable colorectal cancer liver metastases (CRLM), total hepatectomy and living-donor liver transplant (LDLT) is associated with good rates of recurrence-free and overall survival, according to a study published online in JAMA Surgery.

Blood Type O Candidates on Waitlist Have Lower Incidence of Heart Transplant

April 1 - Blood type O candidates have a lower incidence of heart transplant and a higher incidence of delisting compared with non-type O candidates while on waitlist, according to research presented at the American College of Cardiology 71st Annual Scientific Session & Expo.



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