2022 Election Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 TTS elections. We appreciate all who took the time to cast a ballot and help shape the future of our society.

We were fortunate to have such an impressive host of transplant professionals featured on this year’s ballot, and TTS would like to thank all the candidates who agreed to stand for election.

Congratulations to all our new offciers and councilors who are listed below!

New Officers

John J. Fung

United States

Medhat Askar

United States

New Councilors

John Forsythe

United Kingdom

José Medina Pestana
Latin America


David Thomson
Middle East /Africa

South Africa

Peter G. Stock
North America

United States

Dominique Martin

IMPORTANT Vice President By-election Details

Vacancy - Vice President (2022-2026)

In accordance with our bylaws we are holding a by-election for the Vice President (2022-2026) position being vacated by John Fung. We will hold a short call for nomination period (May 20 to June 3, 2022) followed by an election period from June 7 to 27, 2022.

Click the button below to see all eligible candidates.

  • Mustafa S.A. Al-Mousawi, Kuwait
  • Nancy Ascher, USA
  • Ronald W. Busuttil, USA
  • Felix Cantarovich, France
  • Steven J. Chadban, Australia
  • Jeremy Chapman, Australia
  • A. Benedict Cosimi, USA
  • Gabriel Danovitch, USA
  • Francis L. Delmonico, USA
  • Carlos Diaz, Argentina
  • Beatriz Domínguez-Gil, Spain
  • Karen Dwyer, Australia
  • Hiroto Egawa, Japan
  • Ronald M. Ferguson, USA
  • Roy First, USA
  • Peter J. Friend, UK
  • Rudolf Garcia-Gallont, Guatemala
  • Maria Gerbase De Lima, Brazil
  • Jongwon Ha, Korea
  • Mehmet Haberal, Turkey
  • Mark A. Hardy, USA
  • Vivekanand Jha, India
  • Paul Keown, Canada
  • Dirk R. J. Kuypers, Belgium
  • Stephen Lynch, Australia
  • Marti Manyalich Vidal, Spain
  • Alejandro Niño Murcia, Colombia
  • Philip O'Connell, Australia
  • Maria Cristina Ribeiro de Castro, Brazil
  • Camillo Ricordi, USA
  • David H. Sachs, USA
  • Eduardo Santiago Delpin, Puerto Rico
  • Minnie Sarwal, USA
  • Jean-Paul Soulillou, France
  • Vasant Sumethkul, Thailand
  • Manikkam Suthanthiran, USA
  • Megan Sykes, USA
  • Shiro Takahara, Japan
  • Annika Tibell, Sweden
  • Satoru Todo, Japan
  • Stefan G. Tullius, USA
  • Andreas G. Tzakis, USA
  • Ifeoma Ulasi, Nigeria
  • Federico Guillermo Villamil, Argentina
To nominate a candidate simply send an email to nominations@tts.org with the name of member you are nominating (click the button below to see who is eligible) along with names of two TTS Members who will support the nomination. The staff at TTS IHQ will contact the nominee and supporters.
If you have any questions please email nominations@tts.org.

In case you missed it! May 17 webinar recording is now available.

Free to view for transplant professionals

Transplant in the Setting of Fulminant Hepatic Failure from HBV
(including HDV coinfection)

Objectives of the case-based presentations are the discussion of risk factors and diagnostic approaches of fulminant hepatic failure from hepatitis B, along with acute management, including progression to liver transplant. Peri- and post-transplant management including antivirals, immunoglobulins and other therapeutic modalities will be covered. Patient management globally and within the respective regions of the physicians, best practice sharing as well as local and international guidelines will be further topics.

May 26 - ACC Committee Webinar

Registration is now officially open for TTS 2022 - Buenos Aires - Argentina!

Register before June 10 and secure the early bird fee!

Hotel reservation is now available. Book early as space is limited!

Check out the program preview available on our website!

Member Spotlight - Muhammad Mohiuddin

In this 10 minute video Dr. Muhammad M. Mohiuddin, Director of Cardiac Xenotransplantation Program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine walks us through the known details regarding the passing of the first successful pig heart transplant recipient as well as the complexities of this particular case.

We are exhibiting @ ATC 2022

If you are attending ATC 2022 please come and visit us at our booth!

Most Downloaded Articles in Transplantation journals

Transplantation - Week's Most Downloaded Paper

Outcomes in Older Kidney Transplant Recipients After Prior Nonkidney Transplants #TBT

Recipients of nonkidney solid organ transplants (nkSOT) are living longer, and 11%–18% will develop end stage renal disease (ESRD). While our general inclination is to treat nkSOT recipients who develop ESRD with a kidney transplant (KT), an increasing number are developing ESRD at an older age where KT may not be the most appropriate treatment. It is possible that the risk of older age and prior nkSOT might synergize to make KT too risky, but this has never been explored.

Transplantation Direct - Week's Most Downloaded Paper

Association of Phlebotomy on Blood Product Transfusion Requirements During Liver Transplantation: An Observational Cohort Study on 1000 Cases #OpenAccess #TransplantTwitter

During the past 2 decades, transfusion requirements have decreased drastically during orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT), and transfusion-free transplantation is nowadays increasingly common. Understanding that liberal intravenous volume loading in cirrhotic patients may have detrimental consequences is key. In contrast, phlebotomy is a method to lower central venous pressure and portal venous pressure. The objective of this study was to determine the effectiveness and safety of phlebotomy in the early phase of blood transfusion, blood loss, renal function, and mortality.

ISVCA 2022 is only a few weeks away!

Registration is still open

In-Person and Virtual

Virtual registration fees range from $0 for students, residents and allied health professionals, $80 for transplant professionals and $160 for plastic surgeons. Virtual program is available for June 5-6 and spanish translation will be available.

Special Session Highlights

Max Dubernard: In Memoriam – The Legend of Lyon - Warren Breidenbach

Xenotransplantation – Implications for VCA - Robert Montgomery

Check out the program!

The SPC, ISVCA Council and local team (lead by Martin Iglesias) have put together an amazing program in a terrific venue!

Women in Transplantation @ ATC 2022

Women in Transplantation (WIT) are delighted to announce a networking reception at the 2022 American Transplant Congress in Boston, taking place on Tuesday, June 7th!

Registration Deadline:
Wednesday, May 25

Program Application Deadline Extended to May 30!

In order to encourage the next generation of medical doctors to pursue a career in the field of transplantation, we are looking for medical students interested in participating in The Transplantation Society (TTS) 2022 Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina being held on September 11th-14th.

Notice - The WHO Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly - May 22-28

TTS is in official relations with the WHO and we will have a TTS representative attending the assembly.

Human organ and tissue transplantation will be on the agenda for the upcoming "Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly" being held from May 22-28. In advance of the assembly the Director-General issued a PDF report which may be downloaded below. TTS will make a statement addressed to the Assembly commenting on the report, endorsing WHO action and encouraging member states to continue to invest in transplantation.

May 31 - IPTA-SPLIT Webinar Series Continues

About our TTS Ukraine Fund and TTS Matching of Donations

Statement of The Transplantation Society’s support to the people of Ukraine.

As the global leader in transplantation, committed to health and life for all, The Transplantation Society expresses grave concern over the escalating violence and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Continue reading

The protection of civilians and preservation of healthcare is imperative. TTS stands ready to support our colleagues, friends, families and patients impacted by this tragedy. As a non-State actor in official relations with the World Health Organization, we will seek collaborate with the WHO to provide our expert assistance on the Ukraine emergency

We are monitoring the situation and have setup a donation page (https://ukraine.tts.org) to collect funds to be distributed to support the maintenance of healthcare in the Ukraine and assist transplant patients as may be possible. We will also reach out to contacts to assess how we can assist to re-establish transplantation activities once the crisis has ended. TTS will match each contribution, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000 USD in total.

Individuals may also contribute to the WHO foundation directly using this link:

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