Goals and Objectives

  • 1. Lead the Development of Association Wide Position Statements on Topics in Pediatric Transplant Ethics - Our hope is that these statements can help shape ethical best practices the individual transplant systems served by our members
  • 2. Publication of Clinical Ethics cases and other ethics education pieces in the quarterly IPTA Newsletter

Members of the Ethics Committee

Chair & Council Liaison Tom Blydt-Hansen Vancouver, Canada
Member Robert Ettenger Los Angeles, USA
Member Eileen Brewer Houston, USA
Member Riccardo Superina Illinois, USA
Member Debra Lefkowitz Philadelphia, USA
Member Lainie Ross Chicago, USA
Member Jean Botha Johannesburg, South Africa
Member Elizabeth Kotzen Chapel Hill, USA
Member Katheryn Gambetta USA
Member Mihaela Damian Stanford, USA
Ex-Officio Michael Freeman Hershey, USA



Staff Directory
+1-514-874-1717 ,X : 210


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