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The IPTA Advocacy Team, an integral part of the Outreach Committee, comprises pediatric hepatologists, nephrologists, and cardiologists specializing in the treatment of children undergoing transplantation procedures globally. Our primary objectives revolve around evaluating international policies concerning pediatric transplantation allocation, pinpointing areas of knowledge deficiency, fostering critical understanding, and enhancing transparency. Through these efforts, we endeavor to establish an ethical framework for the allocation of deceased organs to pediatric recipients. Our ultimate aspiration is to champion the adoption of this framework on a global scale, thereby refining pediatric organ allocation protocols.

This project's goals harmonize seamlessly with the overarching endeavors of the IPTA Outreach Committee. They are poised to offer invaluable guidance to pediatric programs engaged in transplantation initiatives or seeking to enhance existing practices. By promoting transparency and advocating for high standards, our mission is to facilitate the delivery of exceptional and safe pediatric transplantation services worldwide.

Among the initiatives spearheaded by the IPTA Advocacy Team is the development of an interactive map showcasing medical centers offering pediatric transplantation services across the globe. This dynamic map will undergo regular updates to reflect the evolving landscape of pediatric transplantation facilities. Its purpose is to provide both healthcare providers and patients with a comprehensive resource, aiding in informed decision-making and fostering accessibility to specialized care.


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