ID CARE Committee

The ID CARE Committee is always looking for persons committed to infectious disease prevention and management. If interested in joining the committee or collaborating on infectious disease-related initiatives, please contact the IDCARE committee chair (monica.ardura@nation).

Current Ongoing Initiatives

  • Influenza update :-

    Updates on epidemiology, vaccine recommendations, and available therapies in preparation for the upcoming influenza season

  • Management of the solid organ transplantation recipient with diarrhea :-

    Multidisciplinary team (transplant nephrologist, gastroenterologist, and infectious disease physicians) reviewing the available data and providing a consensus algorithm for the management of these patients. Manuscript is being finalized

  • Survey of current practices regarding live virus vaccination after solid organ transplantation :-

    Given the emerging data of safety and immunogenicity of live viral vaccination in certain renal and liver recipients, a survey has been created and distributed evaluating current practices and possible barriers to vaccination

  • Infection prevention strategies in transplant candidates and recipients with asplenia :-

    Case-based scenarios reviewing the evidence behind prophylaxis recommendations are being created

  • Contemporary approaches to toxoplasmosis prevention :-

    Survey instrument to capture current, international practices regarding the prevention of toxoplasmosis after pediatric SOT is underway

  • Antimicrobial prophylaxis in liver transplant recipients :-

    Working on creation of a case-based survey tool to summarize the current state of clinical care regarding antibiotic and antifungal prophylaxis strategies among pediatric liver transplant recipients

  • Review of emerging therapies for multi-drug resistant bacterial infections

Recently Completed Initiatives

  • Approach to the transplant candidate with active infection :-

    Expert opinion providing a framework for decisions regarding acceptance or delaying solid organ transplantation in candidates with active infections:

  • CMV guidelines and pediatric case-based commentary :-

    ID CARE members who participated in the 3rd CMV consensus conference and guidelines formulated a case-based manuscript highlighting key points and changes, with an emphasis on pediatric-specific topics:

  • Pneumocystis prophylaxis strategies across centers :-

    A survey-based assessment tool was created for evaluation of current Pneumocystis jirovecii prophylaxis strategies in various centers, with data submitted for consideration of publication in Pediatric Transplantation

  • Live virus vaccination after solid organ transplantation :-

    ID CARE members who participated in a 2-day consortium of vaccine experts provide a review of the growing evidence regarding the efficacy and safety of live-attenuated viral vaccines in selected patients after solid organ transplantation and expert recommendations:

  • Emerging mosquito-borne viruses and impact on transplantation :-

    As a request form the IPTA council, a manuscript was created by experts in the field addressing the topic, focusing on Zika, dengue, and chinkungunya and relevance to pediatric SOT and HCT recipients:

  • EBV/PTLD consensus conference


  • Chair
    Marian Michaels, USA
  • Co-Chair
    Daniel Dulek, USA
  • Council Liaison
    Hayley Gans, USA
  • Fellow
    Gabriela Espinoza-Candelaria, USA
  • AHNP Correspondent
    Jessica Brennen, USA
  • Members
    Antonia Bouts, Netherlands
    Timothy Minniear, USA
    Shirley Pollack, Israel
    Sanya Thomas, USA
    Minoti Vather, USA
    Priya Verghese, USA
    Masaki Yamada, Japan
    Inci Yildirim, USA
  • Ex-Officio
    Arnaud L’Huillier, Switzerland
  • ID Community
    Monica Ardura, USA
    Lara Danziger-Isakov, USA
    Michael Green, USA
    Klara Posfay-Barbe, Switzerland
    Dimitri Van Der Linden, Belgium
    Anita Verma, UK



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